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15 Uses for Duct Tape when Travelling

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15 Uses for Duct Tape when Travelling

When leaving for an adventurous trip one of the most essential items you should have packed is Duct Tape. Duct tape is an all-purpose, extra-strong tape, which can repair joints, seals, bonds and mounts. Almost any disaster you might come across can more than likely be fixed or prevented!

So we have 15 different uses for Duct Tape whilst traveling...

1. Makeshift bandages, splints and plasters

If you forgot to pack your first aid kit you could use duct tape for some minor injuries, clean a wound and put duct tape over a cut to act as a plaster, cover a wound with tissue and then apply tape to act as bandage, and for a makeshift split use popsicle sticks and duct tape.

2. Protect feet from blisters

Once again, if you don’t have a first aid kit you probably don’t have a plaster to help your feet stop rubbing. When travelling you will be doing a lot of walking, so as soon as you feel your shoes rubbing apply a strip of tape to the worn patches of skin.

3. Remove lint from clothes

You’re not going to have room to pack everything, so your lint roller will be staying at home. Use the sticky side of duct tape on your clothes to remove lint and fluff.

4. Mark your luggage

Grab yourself a bright roll of duct tape, stick a line of it on your suitcase or backpack to make your luggage recognisable at baggage claim.

5. Fly catcher

Hang a strip of duct tape from the ceiling to act as fly paper, to catch any unwanted bugs in your room.

6. Bed bug barrier

Sticky side up, attached duct tape to bed legs to stop bed bugs from getting up.

7. Sink Plug

If you need to do your washing but left your universal sink plug at home, just pop some duct tape over the plug hole and you will be good to go!

8. Create rope

If you didn’t pack a washing line, or just need some rope; fold a long strip of duct tape on itself (sticky side together) and use a fresh piece of tape to stick it where you need too.

9. Fix holes

If you have a rip or a hole in your backpack, sleeping bag, jacket, shoes or your bug net just put a piece of tape over the hole and its fixed in an instant.

10. Fix ripped seams

If the seam on your dress, skirt, jeans or t-shirt has torn just put some duct tape on the inside to hold it up, and no one will ever know!

11. Hide valuables

Taping your passport or insurance papers to the bottom of your bed or dresser will create a great hiding place.

12. Fixing shoes

Although it won’t look great, if you get a hole or a tear in your shoes duct tape is a great way to fix the hole to keep your feet warm and dry.

13. Cover annoying lights

If you have the luxury of a TV in your room, or even if you have an fire alarm and it has an annoying red light stick a little bit of tape over it.

14. Seal bottles

To prevent a bottle from accidentally opening in your bag, tape around the top of it.

15. Attach extra things to luggage

If you have run out of space in your bag, and need to attach the yoga matt or snorkel that you’ve picked up, tape it on.

We’re not sure about this though...

Duct Tape on moving car

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