Wash Accessories

When travelling, it’s easy to forget to pack some of the essentials on a long trip. Don’t worry, everyone has done it. Make sure you are well prepared for your next trip with Lifeventure’s choice of kit for your bathroom whilst away. Our range of wash accessories provide travelers with those little essentials that make all the difference. Our collapsible bowl and range of universal sink and bath plugs can help keep yourself and your clothing fresh, whilst our travel bottles help to making packing some of your favourite shower products a little easier. Our flight bottles are specifically designed so that they are transparent and small enough to be allowed through airport security. This means that you can pack your favourite gels, lotions and hair care products in your hand luggage quickly and easily.

  • Blue silicone travel sink and bath plug
    Travel Sink and Bath Plug
    7 reviews

  • Blue silicone universal travel sink and bath plug
    Universal Travel Sink and Bath Plug
    3 reviews

  • Travel washing line with hooks and suction cups
    Travel Washing Line
    4 reviews

  • Clear PET bottles in a see through plastic case
    Flight Bottles

  • Travel mirror with cord and cover
    Travel Mirror
    2 reviews

  • Blue collapsible bowl with black handles
    Collapsible Bowl
    £17.99 Save £10.00
    2 reviews

  • Clear travel bottles in a see through plastic case
    Travel Bottles
    1 review

  • Blue collapsible bucket with black handles
    Collapsible Bucket
    £20.99 Save £12.00

  • Travel Bottle Shower
    Travel Bottle Shower
    2 reviews

  • Clear silicone travel bottles in a see through plastic case
    Silicone Travel Bottles
    2 reviews