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5 Ways We’re Working To Reduce Our Environmental Impact

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5 Ways We’re Working To Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Here at Lifeventure, our mission for the last 25 years has been to inspire and equip more people to discover the amazing world we live in. However, the planet we all love to explore is currently facing unprecedented levels of danger due to the impacts of climate change. Whether as an individual or a business, we can all make more sustainable choices to reduce the demand on Earth’s resources – read on to discover five steps we’ve taken to try and reduce our own environmental impact:

Making our products more sustainable

Some of our most popular products such as our iconic SoftFibre Recycled Towels, RFiD Wallets and Ultralight Dry Bags are now all made from post-consumer recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. This not only helps to reduce our demand on the Earth’s resources but also helps find a new purpose for single-use plastic bottles (In the UK alone we use an average 7.7 billion bottles every year!).

Switching from plastic packaging

Over the last few years, we’ve been making steady progress to move all of our products to plastic-free and recyclable packaging. We’re around 99% of the way through this project and once complete, this project will mean that less single-use plastic is ending up in landfill sites.

Choosing recycled wrapping

All of our online orders are now packed and sent in recycled paper packaging. Opting for recycled paper bags and packaging offers various benefits. Not only does it reduce the amount of material being sent to landfill, but the manufacture-process for recycled paper requires significantly less water and energy compared to virgin paper.

Opting for electric cars

Over the last few years, we’ve been switching all of our company cars to electric vehicles. There is one diesel left but we’re nearly there. This helps to significantly reduce the carbon emissions associated with any of our team’s journeys.

Prioritising local manufacture

Much of a product’s carbon footprint is generated during its production and shipping it from the factory to the store. By choosing to manufacture certain items in the UK, we are able to significantly reduce the impact caused by that product’s shipping and in turn, it’s overall footprint. We’re pleased that now 30% of all the products we sell are made right here in the UK, however, we recognise this is just the start of our journey to ensuring our complete production is as sustainable as possible.

We also work hard to design and manufacture products that are built to last. Our mugs, flasks, towels, wallets and liners are all created to accompany you on a lifetime of travel adventures. We believe in buying less and buying better, so whether you buy Lifeventure or another brand, opt for a long-lasting product that won’t need to be replaced every trip.

We’re proud of the changes we’ve implemented so far, but it is a long journey and accept there is still plenty of work to do. There are many other areas of our business we plan to focus on going forwards. For example, our next objective is to make our Tritan Water Bottles out of recycled materials in the UK and all of our Duffels from recycled materials.

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