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RFiD Protection

RFiD microchips can be found in most credit cards, passports and identity cards. Lifeventure wallets and accessories utilise an RFiD blocking material. This unique fabric acts as a barrier against RFiD signals, dramatically reducing the risk of electronic identity theft.

  • Grey RFiD card wallet
    RFiD Card Wallet
    From £9.99
    2 reviews

  • Grey RFiD passport wallet
    RFiD Passport Wallet

  • Small waist wallet
    RFiD Waist Wallet - Mini

  • Beige chest wallet
    Chest Wallet

  • Beige waist wallet
    Waist Wallet

  • Grey RFiD phone wallet
    RFiD Phone Wallet

  • Grey RFiD bi-fold wallet
    RFiD Bi-Fold Wallet
    2 reviews

  • Grey RFiD hip pack 1 with internal zipped pocket
    RFiD Hip Pack 1

  • Grey RFiD wallet
    RFiD Wallet
    From £16.99
    21 reviews

  • Grey RFiD travel neck pouch
    RFiD Travel Neck Pouch
    1 review

  • RFiD multi-pocket waist wallet
    RFiD Multi-Pocket Waist Wallet

  • Grey RFiD small travel wallet
    RFiD Travel Wallet - Mini
    From £19.99
    1 review

  • Grey RFiD hip pack 2 with external zipped pocket
    RFiD Hip Pack 2

  • Grey RFiD travel wallet
    RFiD Travel Wallet
    2 reviews

  • Grey RFiD travel belt pouch
    RFiD Travel Belt Pouch

  • RFiD daysack
    Meya 25 Litre RFiD Daysack