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  • Dual Action Fire Starter
  • Dual Action Fire Starter
  • Dual Action Fire Starter

Dual Action Fire Starter

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  • Element Proof


A compact dual-rod fire starter with folding design that offers a complete fire starting solution, especially when natural tinder is limited. Featuring a magnesium rod for tinder and a ferrocerium rod for the spark and an integrated striker. The ferrocerium spark rod produces extremely high temperature sparks at 2,980ºC making it easy for to ignite dry tinder in any weather or altitude. The magnesium rod can be used to create highly flammable tinder shavings which will light with ease. Ideal for use on dry fibrous tinder, gas stoves and more.


  • Ferrocerium spark rod
  • Integrated stainless steel striker
  • 8,000 strikes
  • Magnesium tinder rod
  • Suitable for use in all weather conditions and altitudes
  • Produces 2,980ºC degree spark
  • Fold-away design
  • Tough ABS plastic body
  • Attachment loop
Product code: 42214

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