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Plastic Camping Tableware

We’re proud to make our plastic camping tableware in the UK. The cutlery clicks together and the mugs, bowls and plates can be connected with a karabiner. The 350ml double-walled insulated mug is an addition to the range. It features a drink-through lid and it will keep your drink hot for over an hour.

  • Ellipse plastic camping bowls
    Ellipse Plastic Camping Bowls
    From £2.99
    1 review

  • Ellipse plastic camping cutlery
    Ellipse Plastic Camping Cutlery
    From £3.99
    3 reviews

  • Ellipse plastic camping plates
    Ellipse Plastic Camping Plates
    From £3.99
    1 review

  • Ellipse plastic camping mugs
    Ellipse Plastic Camping Mugs
    From £3.99
    2 reviews

  • Ellipse Collapsible Bowls
    Ellipse Collapsible Bowls
    From £7.99

  • Multi coloured insulated mugs
    Ellipse Insulated Mugs
    From £8.99
    3 reviews

  • Ellipse travel mug
    Ellipse Travel Mug
    From £10.99