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What travel towel is right for me?

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What travel towel is right for me?

Discover the history of our legendary travel towels plus find the right one for your adventures this summer with our handy quiz.

Our travel towels have been accompanying people on their adventures for more than 25 years. First launched in 1996, the original SoftFibre Towels provided a compact and packable alternative to lugging heavy or bulky beach towels with you on your travels. Today they’re used by all sorts of people and for all types of activities. From gap year travellers and intrepid explorers to DofE challengers and even those grabbing a shower after a run or cycle into work. Almost everybody can find a practical use for our light, absorbent and practical towels.

Way back in the 90s, Lifeventure was inspired by a belief that great kit helps travellers to make the most of every adventure and this was the rationale behind our very first travel towels. Compact and lightweight, yet highly absorbent, the towel was a revolution for backpackers. Since then, the collection has grown and expanded and is now available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and fabrics.

The original SoftFibre towel was updated in 2021 with a new recycled polyester construction and eye-catching prints that make them perfect for both global travellers and holiday-makers alike. For a cosier, home-from-home experience, the brushed MicroFibre towel is a great choice or, for sporting occasions when every gram counts, the featherlight HydroFibre is a clear winner.

Whether you’re heading overseas, planning a summer of outdoor adventures or gearing up for a sporting challenge, discover the right Lifeventure towel for you with our handy quiz.

You can explore the full range of towels and don’t forget to share your adventures with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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