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Smart Packing Tips For Savvy Travellers

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Smart Packing Tips For Savvy Travellers

Here at Lifeventure we’re a team of travel fanatics and we’ve been following our mission to make life on the road easier for travellers since our very first product launched way back in the mid-90s. This spring, we’re proud to unveil our new X-Pac collection – an assortment of bags, wallets and accessories made from an advanced X-Pac fabric.

Optimised for reliability and packed full of smart features that make travelling easier, the X-Pac products perfectly embody the Lifeventure spirit. Reliable equipment that offers the freedom and confidence to live adventurously.

To celebrate the new X-Pac collection’s launch, we’ve rounded up some top tips to help you master your own packing this summer.

1. Organisation is everything

Sure, when you’re travelling you want to let day to day pressures go, but a little planning while packing will help make life on the go a breeze. Keep your gear separated and protected using dry bags, compression sacks and waterproof cases. This will keep your bag neater and mean it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant.

Storing travel documents like your passport, visas and travel cards in a dedicated wallet such as the new X-Pac Mini Travel Wallet will give you peace of mind that you have everything to hand while in transit.

2. Think about functionality

Kit you take on your travels has to work hard, really hard. It’s definitely worth investing in high quality travel gear that can withstand extensive use. When choosing your kit, look out for durable and weather-resistant fabrics (the X-Pac fabric is a great example of this!) that you can rely on to perform when you’re far from home. It’s also worth looking for travel specific features – lockable zips, handy pockets, RFiD shielding and even a detachable mirror in your wash bag. Anything that will make life easier so you can concentrate on making the most of your adventure.

3. Scale down essentials

Toiletries are one of the main sources of weight so think hard about the toiletries you really need and pack smaller, travel-sized versions where possible. Lifeventure Soap and Shaving Leaves are a great alternative to liquids (especially on longer trips) and you can decant favourite gels and liquids into leak-proof silicone bottles to keep gear to a minimum.

A travel-specific wash bag is also a no brainer – our latest X-Pac wash bags boast must-have features like a detachable mirror and integrated hanger. Plus – the water-resistant X-Pac fabric means any spills won’t go straight through to the rest of your luggage.

4. Pack a cotton scarf or sarong

A humble scarf or sarong is actually the ultimate backpacker’s travel essential. It can be used in multiple ways; as a cover-up when visiting a temple, to stay snug on a chilly flight or even as a make-shift beach towel. Our colourful Lifeventure SoftFibre Recycled Towels can also be used in this same versatile way – plus they are super absorbent for drying off after a shower or swim!

5. A flat-lay is a failsafe

Ensure you’re not forgetting anything obvious by laying out all the gear you want to take before packing it into cubes, bags or your suitcase. This not only makes it easier to see what might be missing, but also shows where you might be able to scale back. Noone wants to lug unnecessary gear with them on their adventures!

6. Don’t compromise on safety

Always remember to pack a first aid kit with any specific medications you might need. It’s a wise idea to keep this in a clearly labelled bag so it’s easy to find in an emergency. We also recommend packing a certified travel adaptor – this will protect your expensive gear from dodgy electrics.

Any great tips we’ve missed? Add it to the comments or let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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