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What are the Different Types of Travel Sleeping Bag?

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What are the Different Types of Travel Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags can be useful in a variety of situations, whether you’re camping on a multi-day trek or just want to stay warm in a hostel bed. With these types of trips you can never be quite sure where you will end up or where you will be sleeping. We’ve looked at some of the different features of sleeping bags that are available.

Lightweight sleeping bags

Lightweight Sleeping Bag 750 Down - £74.99 / €99,99

5 stars - "Just returned from 6 months in Asia and this sleeping bag was great. The small pack size and waterproof bag were the reason I bought it, but the zip all round the bottom was the best feature when I actually used it. Now washed ready for next adventure." - David - 08/01/2015


The classic sleeping bag shape is the rectangle. This has a zip that goes down one side and along the bottom so that it opens out fully. This style can be good for camping and hot weather situations as it can be opened up to let air in.

The other main style is the mummy. These have a more narrowed body and a hood that can be used as a pillow. These are often better for cold weather and outdoor camping/trekking as your body heat is trapped in by the closer fitting design.


It’s important to match sleeping bag temperature ratings with the climate of your destination.

Temperature ratings are split into 2 types. The first is a Comfort Rating that is based on the optimal temperature that you would feel comfortable in the sleeping bag. The other is an Extreme Rating. This gives you the minimum external temperature in which the bag will protect you from freezing.

Make sure you always check typical and extreme weather conditions ahead of your trip so that you can choose the most suitable temperature rating of sleeping bag for your expedition.

Weight / Size

The weight and size of any sleeping bag is another important point to take into consideration. If you’re travelling by car, size and weight is unlikely to be a massive issue, but if you are only carrying a backpack with you for the foreseeable future then space is at a premium.

The material that your sleeping bag is made from plays one of the biggest roles in its size and weight. Generally these can be split in to man-made materials or down (soft feathers). Man-made materials such as polyester tend to be heavier, but cheaper. Down is the lightest material, as well as the best retainer of heat per unit mass. This makes it ideal for trips where space is limited as you can stay warm with less material needed.

Consider these 3 factors before you purchase a sleeping bag – you can’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest on your adventures.

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