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5 Wash Bag Essentials for Travel

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5 Wash Bag Essentials for Travel

It’s difficult to maintain your usual hygiene standards when you’re travelling. Long bus journeys, remote hostels and a lack of packing space all add to the difficulty. To make life easy, pick the most travel-friendly essentials to take with you that will keep you fresh and clean.

There are plenty of mini travel-size versions of products available, and we’ve put together a list of some that we always like to have with us.

Wash Holdall

1. Hair and Body Wash

Having a two-in-one hair and body wash is great because it means you have to carry one less bottle around with you whilst still having a soap suitable for both your body and hair. If you can find an all-purpose soap, all the better, as these are also suitable to use as a face wash. Lifeventure’s own all purpose soap is designed not only for your hair, face and body but also for use on clothing, washing dishes and even fresh food. Handy!

2. Dry Body Wash

Depending on where you’re exploring, you can find yourself in remote places where washing facilities may be hard to find. In situations like this having a dry body wash can be extremely useful. Usually antibacterial, these formulas allow you to clean without needing water.

3. Sink Plug

Finding a sink or bath plug in hostels can be an almost impossible task. Taking a Lifeventure travel sink and bath plug with you easily solves this problem and means you can take that much needed soak after a hard day trekking (or maybe to wash the sunscreen away after laying in the sun all day!)

4. Wash and Shaving Leaves

These tiny little packs contain feather-light wafers of detergent designed for shaving, shampooing, body, or fabric washing. Each watertight pack contains 50 leaves – all you need to do is add a little water to one and voila, the perfect portion of detergent.

5. Travel Bottle Shower

Perhaps not an essential but a definite boon for any long adventurer, the bottle shower turns any water bottle into a portable sprinkling device. From washing sand from your feet to full on camping showers in the rainforest, the travel bottle shower fits the majority of water bottles in everyday use around the world. The showerhead just pops into the neck of the bottle, hang it with the hanging kit, and you have an instant en-suite.

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