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5 Travel Accessory Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

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5 Travel Accessory Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

With Christmas just around the corner, we've created a list of some of our favourite gifts and stocking fillers for friends and family who love to travel.

SoftFibre Pillow

SoftFibre Pillow - £12.99

One thing you can always appreciate when you're away, is sleeping in comfort. Unfortunately it can be difficult to do this on buses, planes and boats.

Our inflatable travel pillow is perfect for these journeys and means you won't wake up with a neck ache. The antibacterial cover can be removed and washed and the whole thing can be folded up to fit in your bag too.

Travel Adaptor

Travel Adaptor with USB Charger - £24.99

Wherever you go, you always need power. Whether you want to power your laptop, camera, phone, speakers or any other electronic device you will need a travel adaptor.

Our adaptor covers most countries by converting to and from UK, EU, US and AU plug connections. The added USB attachment makes it even more useful, as you can plug a USB cable straight in without having to worry about the plug.

MicroFibre Trek Towel

MicroFibre Trek Towel - from £20.99

Hostels always have showers but towels regularly seem to be in short supply. The Lifeventure MicroFibre Towel can solve all of that. It's our most comfortable towel and dries 7 times faster than a beach towel would.

It also absorbs 6 times its weight in water to keep you dry. Antibacterial fibres make it great for hiking and sports, as well as using on the beach or just after a shower. It folds down in to a carry case for easy packing.

5 stars - “This is my second Trek Towel - it is so good. I use it for showering after my 15mile daily cycle to work. It is very effective, feels soft rather than synthetic, and dries quickly even when the heating is off. And it is just big enough to preserve my modesty when the changing room is busy. The first one has given good service for three years; the second has been purchased simply to make it easier to put one through the laundry.” - 10/12/2015

Thermal Mugs

Thermal Mug - £10.99

Our thermal mugs let you take your tea or coffee with you so you can enjoy it wherever you are. Whether it's on hiking trails or on the way to work, our thermal mugs will keep your drinks hot for up to 4 hours, due to their vacuum insulated walls. It also comes in over 15 different colour choices.

5 stars - “I've used these mugs for years and think they are fantastic. They keep hot drinks warm for longer than 4 hours and I've used them with crushed ice for picnics and they have been wonderful. Great colours, great price, great product that excels every time!” - 24/03/2015


Hammock - £34.99

More of a luxury item than an essential, hammocks are the perfect way to relax when travelling. Our hammock has strong tree ropes and hooks to make it easy to use. It also comes with a sack to pack it in, leaving you more space in your bag for other items.

All prices correct on date of publish.

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