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Top Packing Hacks

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Top Packing Hacks

Packing for a big trip? We’ve rounded up our top packing hacks including what to not forget, and what to leave behind.

Here at Lifeventure, we’ve been on our fair share of backpacking adventures and when it comes to packing your bag for an extended trip, we like to think we know a thing or two. From maximising luggage capacity to keeping gear organised on the go, read on for our top tips to help you become a packing pro:

Roll, don’t fold

The number one tip from any regular traveller, rolling your clothes not only reduces the risk of creasing but more importantly, it allows you to get way more inside your bag or case. For extra organisational points, you can even roll items inside different packing cases. This not only makes items easier to find, but also keeps clothing in tip-top condition till needed.

Ditch extra plugs

Phones, smart watches, cameras – these days most of us travel with a lot of tech. However, scaling down the amount of charging kit you’re carrying is a smart way to reduce weight and bulk. Most chargers feature a detachable USB lead which can be used directly in an adapter with a USB port such as the Lifeventure USB Travel Adapter, so leave bulky charger plugs at home.

Take a bird’s-eye view

The easiest way to avoid forgetting anything is to lay out all the gear you want to take on your bedroom floor before putting it in your bag. Not only does this make it easy to check you have everything you need, but it can help show you where you’ve got items you could cut.

Make your clothes work harder

When you’re backpacking, there’s no way you can take all the clothes you own so it is important to be smart when choosing what to take. We recommend aiming for a capsule wardrobe in neutrals / coordinated colours that can be easily worn in a variety of combinations. Choose garments in light and quick-drying fabrics and aim for versatile pieces that can be used for anything from hiking to city excursions.

Colour code your kit

Make it easy to find what you’re looking for by packing your gear into different colour-coded bags like our Ultralight Dry Bags. Choose a colour for your electronics, toiletries, medicines and anything else you want to keep protected. A dry bag also offers the benefit that it will keep your gear safe from water and dirt and make repacking a whole lot easier.

Pack a scarf or sarong

The ultimate, versatile travel essential, a scarf or sarong can offer a multitude of uses; whether it’s covering up when visiting a temple, or as a light blanket on a chilly flight. They can also be used as a portable beach towel or folded into a pillow.

Stuff your shoes

Although you should try and keep the number of pairs of shoes you take to a minimum, don’t forget to stuff socks or other underwear inside any pairs you do pack. This will help to maximise the amount of space available inside your bag.

Pack a pillow case

It might sound strange but not only can you use it to sleep more comfortably in grotty hostels, but it also doubles as a handy storage bag for your laundry between washes.

Leave your valuables, take basic medical essentials

When it comes to those favourite, sentimental jewellery pieces, it’s definitely best to leave them at home rather than risk losing them on flights or in hostels. However, you should definitely make room for a first aid kit with basic medicines like water purification tablets, antihistamines, contraception, anti-diarrhoea meds and rehydration sachets. For more extreme destinations, you could even consider taking your own sterile kit with you in case of emergency.

Don’t forget duct tape

Duct tape is a backpacker’s best friend – it has so many uses. From fixing broken bags or poles to patching ripped clothing or resealing open food packets. Visit our Instagram page for some more ways to use it!

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