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Top 10 Destinations to Add to Your Backpacking Itinerary as Voted for by Our Team

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Top 10 Destinations to Add to Your Backpacking Itinerary as Voted for by Our Team

If the darkening days have you dreaming of sunnier climes and adventures overseas but you’re not sure where to go, fear not. We’ve got your travel-planning covered for the foreseeable future with this round-up of 10 fantastic places to add to your travel bucket list. We live and breathe travel here at Lifeventure and each of the following destinations has been recommended by our very own team. Read on for some epic travel inspiration but, be warned, it may cause serious wanderlust!


The island has most of its beaches within 20 minutes of the airport. The beaches are beautiful and consequently, this is where all the tourist resorts are. If you are a bit more adventurous and travel elsewhere, there are wild beaches in the northeast where you will find George watching over the nesting turtles. There are waterfalls and the beautiful Belmont Estate which produces delicious chocolate. Inexpensive minibuses go everywhere. The drivers believe in speed but they still seem to arrive in one piece. There are no signs for anything, anywhere. Even the shops have no signage. The consequence is that you have to ask people for directions all the time. But a formal “Good Morning” if you want to open a conversation and everybody is delighted to talk to you: “Are you enjoying our island?” The Grenadan people are the most engaging and welcoming I have ever met. While visiting Grenada, I used the dry wash to ensure I kept my hands clean.

- Mark

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is often a stopover on trips down to Australia or when travelling to other Asian countries. Although it is still hard to get into due to Covid, keep it in mind if out that way as it never fails to impress. The British influence has diminished but it is still very obvious and that makes lots of things more familiar. The view will wow you every time and the hidden gems are too many to list. Hidden temples, beaches on the other side of HK island and just eating from the vendors on the streets are great. It is a city you can walk easily and taking the star ferry across the river to Kowloon is the world’s best value tourist boat (30p or so). Go up the tram to the top of Victoria Peak and make sure you spend some time in the parks, you could watch the turtles playing in the ponds for hours. Accommodation can be pricey but stay a bit out from the centre and there are plenty of options. Surprising, HK is also great for hiking. The Dragon’s Back can easily be done in an afternoon and gives great views over many parts of HK island. A final tip is to go and visit the History of Hong Kong museum in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is not huge but gives an insight into how the territory grew into what it is today. Take a spork, these are ideal for using when you get some noodles off street vendors.

- Matt


With so much to see and do in Barcelona, it is almost impossible to get bored. There are so many must-visit locations across the city from Camp Nou to The Magic Fountains. Casa Batllo, which was once an apartment block, is now an immersive museum showcasing Gaudi’s unique architecture and is well worth a visit for the exterior alone. Another piece of Gaudi’s architecture that is a must-see when in Barcelona is La Sagrada Familia. Although it’s not due to be completed until 2026, with its size and level of detail, you will never see anything like it. While out and about exploring Barcelona you are bound to find yourself walking down La Rambla at some point during your trip. With shops, restaurants and so much going on, it is always worth a visit. While Barcelona is great, it is well known for its pickpockets. Make sure you keep your valuables close to you by using a body wallet. The waist wallet from Lifeventure also has RFiD protection which is amazing for keeping my cards protected.

- Emily

Cinque Terra

Italy has some fantastic places to visit and you could easily spend months travelling around enjoying Venice, Verona and Florence. Then down to Naples, Pompeii and even get your James Bond fix in Matera. I haven’t even mentioned Rome, Sicily and Sardinia! However, a recent trip took me to the Cinque Terra. 5 villages falling off the cliffs of the northwest coast. They are colourful, beautiful and really interesting to wander around. Just by taking the boat to each one, you have about 1-2 hours to roam the streets, have an incredibly expensive drink and dive off some rocks. It will be busy and Italian organisation isn’t always the best, but it is worth it just for the vistas. The best tip would be to go one way on the boat and then come back on the train. This gives you more time to see the villages. Take a picnic rug with you for when you sit on the rocks and this can double as a towel for when you just have to jump in. I’d also take a water bottle. Staying in a town nearby meant we could get there early and see a couple of villages before the big rush.

- James


Many go to Marrakech when visiting Morocco and it is, indeed, magical. However, if you travel to the west coast, you will find a more laid-back gem of a city, Essaouira. With a fort on the seafront and a busy medina in the centre, it is much more friendly than Marrakech and the people are amazing. We went with our 1-year-old and we got so many gifts from the traders it was amazing. The Camel ride over the dunes at sunset is something we won’t forget and try and find a Riad to stay in. It is like living in someone’s home, often tucked away behind a dodgy door but beautiful inside. If you have a child, a child carrier is great to take with you as you spend hours negotiating prices for saffron and the kid can join in. If you are travelling alone or as a couple, a money belt is very sensible to pack. You can even go surfing whilst there, what’s not to love?

- Laura


If you’re looking for a place with endless things to see and do, look no further - Iceland is jam-packed with amazing things to see! Whether it’s the Northern Lights or stunning Waterfalls that take your fancy, there are plenty of different activities across the country. Taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon is a popular activity when visiting Grindavik, which despite being crowded at times, is well worth a visit. The whole island is filled with stunning scenery as well as some of the most welcoming people you will find. Although Iceland is on the pricier side, the natural beauty alone makes it my favourite travel destination. There are lots of water-based activities in Iceland from lagoons to waterfalls so my top tip for keeping your belongings protected is to keep it all in a dry bag! If you have the time, you will never regret driving around the island, it is truly awe-inspiring.

- Jacob


Although political troubles are now causing havoc in Myanmar, it is still one of the most magical places I have visited. The temples are jaw-dropping and the friendliness of the people is amazing. Just walking around the various towns and cities felt perfectly safe and the mix of old colonial architecture and a smattering of modern buildings is magnificent. I wish I had time to do a balloon ride over the temples in the countryside, it is definitely on the to-do list if I get another chance to go. In Myanmar, credit cards don’t work so you will need to rely on cash. I kept all mine safe using one of the Lifeventure wallets. One little off-the-beaten-track tip, there is a cooking school in Yangon that has a restaurant serving top-quality food. Everything is free (well at least it was), as the staff are all in training, but you are encouraged to leave a large tip. The food and service deserves it and it feels like you have found a little gem of a place.

- Richard

The Gorges du Tarn

The Gorges du Tarn is a destination that is frequently bypassed by tourists heading to the traps on the Mediterranean coast, but do yourself a favour after crossing the awesome Millau Viaduct, turn off the A75 at La Cavalerie and head back toward Millau. Not only will you get a much better view of the most impressive bridge in Europe, but you be heading toward the Gorges of the Tarn and Jonte that simply shouldn’t be missed.

Set in dramatic karst scenery, these gorges provide some of the most beautiful scenery in France. Villages such as Meyrueis and La Malène are stunning, the roads to them are incredibly scenic and frequently challenging, the opalescent rivers are beautiful and run through deep gorges.

The area offers all kinds of outdoor activities, caving, climbing, hiking, kayaking and paragliding to name just a few, but the area is also host to more gentle pursuits such as visiting the areas abundant chateaux, sunbathing on the river beaches or simply just chilling in one of the many lovely cafés and watching the world. A water bottle is an essential to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

You might feel a little lonelier than you would in the Dordogne or the Ardèche, there simply aren’t the crowds here, but look up and you probably be surprised to see you are accompanied by some of the regions immense lammergeiers circling in the blue sky.

You’ll not be hurrying on to the coast.

- Peter


If you are lucky enough to go down to Australia, there are many amazing places to visit, high on the list is often Uluru or Ayre’s Rock. This is not necessarily an unknown gem, but it does surprise you even if you have read so much about it. I was lucky to be able to climb it and do a handstand on the top, but this has now been banned, the climbing, not the handstand. However, walking around it and seeing it from a distance is still clear in my mind. Camping so you can see the rock as you wake up is a must and travelling around the area has more surprises you perhaps did not know of when planning the trip. Some say that the Olgas and King’s Canyon are better than Uluru although I disagree. The only tip here is to give yourself plenty of time, seeing these places at different times of the day is well worth it. As for an essential piece of kit, it has to be a travel towel. Wipe off the sweat, take a dip in the pools of King’s Canyon and use it as a shade in the heat of the sun.

- Dan

The Skeleton Coast

Namibia may not spring to mind when picking your next travel destination however there are some great reasons why The Skeleton Coast should be on your list of places to visit. Home to a surprising amount of wildlife, there’s a chance you can see elephants, black rhinos, lions, giraffes, zebras and so many more. There are some amazing safaris in the area that make visiting The Skeleton Coast even more special. A visit to the Cape Cross Seal Reserve is worth your time but just be warned, it can be very smelly! Open water swimming on The Skeleton Coast is an experience that not many have which makes it a must-do on your trip. Easily and quickly dry off with a Lifeventure towel to ensure you make the most of your time here. While the area is remote, it is certainly special. The number of visitors and the amount of infrastructure to this area is limited to retain the special qualities this place holds which makes it a once-in-a-lifetime trip for anyone who does visit.


Think we’ve missed somewhere? Add your own recommendation in the comments below.

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