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Seal of Approval: Lifeventure Thermal Mug

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Seal of Approval: Lifeventure Thermal Mug

Canadian Scrambler praises Lifeventure Thermal Mug in moment of need

Earlier this month we received a letter from a Canadian adventurer who found a Lifeventure thermal mug on one adventure and took it on an expedition up Mt. Haig. That adventure ended up being far more dangerous than expected, with a friend suffering an injury in a fall whilst on the mountain in terrible conditions. Luckily, adventurer and friends are all safe and sound, with a pretty exciting story to tell.

“Hello, I recently found a battered Lifeventure mug, and since it looked like such a good quality mug, gave it a good cleaning and started using it for weekend mountain adventures. Last Sunday my friends and I had one of our party sustain serious injuries in a fall on the mountain. It was the worst possible place for the accident to happen. Gale force winds, driving snow, and darkness as we huddled over our friend, waiting for rescue. I had put hot coffee in my "new to me" Lifeventure mug that morning, and had it on my pack. My water bottle froze during the sixteen hours that we were in those conditions, but the Lifeventure was still lukewarm even after twelve hours.

It was so nice to share a sip of coffee, even if it was not very warm. We joked that it was iced coffee. When I reached safety after almost twenty four hours, what remained in the mug had still not frozen. I was curious about this product, as I did not recognize the brand "Lifeventure" (barely readable on the mug, amongst the dents and worn paint). I really love this mug. It has been in my car and on the mountain, and even in my purse almost every day. It's a perfect size, doesn't leak, and apparently blizzard proof! Thanks for such a good quality product. Whomever lost the mug must be missing it dearly!

I don't know how your product came to Canada, but I'm so glad that I had your mug during my long cold night up there!

Sincere Regards,

The news story on Cathrine and friends' rescue can be read on CBC News. Needless to say we've sent Cathrine a new Thermal Mug for free - share your adventure stories with us (they don't have to be this dangerous!) and we'll share them on social media.

Climbing helmet and thermal mug

A photo of the mug with my friends battered climbing helmet that saved her life during the fall on Mt. Haig

Thermal mug in rucksack

A photo of the day of the accident, so that you can see the conditions that the mug was performing in.

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