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Sarah Outen completes her “London to London- via the world” adventure – 03 Nov 2015

​Sarah Outen completes her “London to London- via the world” adventure – 03 Nov 2015

Sarah Outen has arrived back in London after successfully rowing, biking, and kayaking her way around the northern hemisphere. After originally setting out on an adventure to travel around the world in April 2011, Sarah has documented her incredible adventure every step of the way on her blog and it’s a fascinating read.

After a few setbacks including losing a rowing boat or two, extreme weather conditions (e.g. a North-Pacific Typhoon and an Atlantic Hurricane) nothing stopped Sarah from giving up on her adventure of over 25,000 miles.

The London2London Route

Lifeventure were one of many sponsors supporting Sarah's fantastic feat, including her invaluable fleece liner which helped keep her warm in her sleeping bag on many nights in chilly places!

Sarah passing through the Gobi Desert

Sarah arrived to great fanfare back at Tower Bridge on Tuesday 3rd November 2015. Sarah’s new book, Dare to Do, is due to be released in Summer 2016. Now that she’s back home safe and sound, Sarah will be looking forward to presenting many talks about her challenges and successes in the past few years in many talks at schools and exhibitions around the country. Sarah's not just a great adventurer, but also a great motivational speaker.

Well done Sarah- that's the Lifeventure Spirit!!

Arriving back in London on Tuesday 3rd November 2015!

You can find out all the information about Sarah’s adventure as well as what she’s up to now on her website

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