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Reasons to Buy a Duffle Bag

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Reasons to Buy a Duffle Bag

There are many different bags or suitcases you can use when travelling but often overlooked is the duffle bag. Originally spelled ‘Duffel’, it was named after a town in Belgium where they created the cloth to make them.

They became popular through military use and soon were updated and redesigned for general every day use.

Packable duffle bag

Packable Duffle Bag - £24.99 / €33,99

Duffle bags are great because of their versatility. Having a large main compartment is one of their main characteristics and this is useful when you quickly want to pack clothes or equipment. This makes them perfect for travelling as they are easy to quickly access if you need something but can also be stowed away safely with their durable design keeping your belongings intact.

You can also buy duffle bags with wheels on one end. This makes it slightly easier when carrying heavy loads, as the wheels will take some of the weight. They tend to come with a large shoulder strap, again to help you carry it when there is a slightly heavier load.

Expedition wheeled duffle bag 120 litre

Expedition Wheeled Duffle Bag 120 Litre - £47.99 / €63,99

4 stars - "I've had one of these for 3 years, it's been all around Europe and the US and has outlasted 3 other wheeled duffles. Robust and simple and at £50 tremendous value!!!" - Mark - 26/10/2014

If you need a weekend bag or are heading on a business trip, a duffle bag again can give you the space, durability and versatility that you need to hold all the belongings you need without being as cumbersome as a suitcase.

With different varieties of sizes and design, a duffle bag is a great item to own. Its versatility will always be useful and can save you needing several different bags for different activities. As well as this their durable build and spacious main compartment will ensure that they are long lasting and will keep your belongings safe inside.

All prices correct on date of publish.

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