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One Long Wander: Back on the track

One Long Wander: Back on the track

We’ve made it to Wellington and the end of our North Island adventure. It’s been an incredible journey so far and a very steep learning curve. We’ve been overwhelmed with the generosity of the people we’ve met along the way and simply blown away by the scenery; temperate rainforests, stunning beaches, desolate mountains, remote rivers and active volcanoes. We’ve also developed our wilderness skills to the extent that we can now navigate efficiently, forage for food and keep ourselves and our kit clean!

Next up is the more remote and barren South Island where our skills will really be put to the test. Re-supply is a serious consideration in such a remote region and, although we can carry up to ten days food, that’s often not enough to see us through to a sufficient supermarket. As such, we’ve just posted several food parcels to some of the villages we’ll pass through.

We’ve had lovely break for the holiday period, and are now eager to hit the trail again!

This month we really put the collapsible washing up bowl through its paces and have found it to be invaluable. It’s so important not to allow detergents to get into streams and lakes because of the effect they have on the ecosystems there. The collapsable bowl allows us to do our washing away from the source and prevent contamination of the water supply. In addition, it’s light, seriously robust and packs away to almost nothing. A must have!


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