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Money Belts and Other Tips to Protect Your Cash on the go

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Money Belts and Other Tips to Protect Your Cash on the go

Travelling abroad can present problems when it comes to carrying your money around. Hostels are unfortunately not always equipped with lockers, and leaving cash around can be risky. On the other hand, you don’t want to carry all of it around with you if there’s a risk of pickpockets. We’ve come up with some methods to try and protect your money and put your mind at rest.

Body wallets

Money Belts

Using a money belt with a hidden pocket is great as potential pickpockets are unable to gain access. You can store any notes you need as well as locker keys if you have any, and nobody will ever know.


Don’t keep all of your money in the same place! This might seem obvious to some but many people ignore this simple advice. If you have all your money in one bag and it’s stolen it can leave you in a sticky situation. By splitting it up and storing it in different places the risk of it all being taken is lessened.

Decoy Wallet

Buy a cheap wallet and put some small notes in there. If you leave this in your bag, any thieves who find it may be persuaded not to search any further thinking they have found what they are looking for. This could potentially protect other valuables you are carrying with you.

Body Wallets

A discreet body wallet worn under your clothes is a great way to keep your valuables safe and your mind worry-free when you’re exploring. It can be a good idea to sleep with your body wallet if you’re in a particularly unfamiliar place or have no access to secure storage.

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