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Discovering Adventure: Incredible Underwater Adventures

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Discovering Adventure: Incredible Underwater Adventures

Most of our planet is underwater, this we know, so why limit your adventures to those above the water’s surface? Let’s dive and delve beneath the waves and check out some of the incredible experiences you can have once submerged among the fishes.

G B Reef - Oz

Obvious – yes. Incredible? – also yes.

A natural gift to the world and its largest coral reef system. It’s bigger than the Great Wall of China, the only living thing that you can see on earth from space, that’s how big it is, it blimmin’ huge! Oh, and of course a world heritage site too, naturally.

It’s a gift many many scuba divers and snorkelers alike are willing and wanting to accept. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit Cairns, be sure to allow at least 1 day to experience this wonder of the natural world and swim among those creatures who call it home and who also turn the area into one big underwater rainbow. It’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

… and should you (for whatever reason) require any further encouragement to do so, Google have rather epically set up an underwater ‘street view’ of the reef. Check it out: Underwater streetview

Sculpture park – Grenada

Just a short boat ride from Gran Anse beach on Grenada’s east coast you’ll find the amazing Molinere underwater sculpture park, the first of its kind.

Created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, the park was opened in May 2006 and is made up of a collection of ecological art pieces, which not only look amazing, but which also provide new places for marine life to live and thrive, AND also acts to preserve endangered coral reef systems. It’s art that is giving back to its ‘gallery’.

Some 10 years after first opening, the impact of the sculptures is now clearly evident. Where once the sculptures were plain and cold looking, a bit eerie and (I’m thinking along the lines of the weeping angels from Dr Who), now they are awash with colour, living colour. The art is now alive with colourful marine life taking up residence on and among the different pieces.

Of his sculptures Taylor said that “… they will be marked by the surrounding environment, echoing how we as children are affected and transformed by our surroundings. The sculptures will constitute and represent process, chance, and organic transformation.”

P.S. a second sculpture park of this kind has now also opened in Cancun, Mexico.

Underwater hotel room – Pemba Island,Tanzania

Yep, this is a real thing.

For $1500 a night it is now possible to book into one of the most unique hotel rooms on the planet.

The structure was designed and built by Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels and was modelled on a traditional Scandinavian house. By night there is a roof terrace to sit and gaze up at the stars, but the crown jewel is obviously in the subsurface bedroom where guests can lay out on their bed which is located some 4 metres below the waters surface. From your mattress it’s possible to take in 360 views of your new striped and spotted neighbours, going about their day, and in some cases setting up home around this incredible structure.

Underwater restaurant – Maldives

Well of course, if underwater hotel rooms (as above) are now a thing, why not underwater restaurants too.

The Ithaa restaurant is a 5 star dining experience located at the Conrad Maldives Hotel, and another first of its kind.

It has been called 'the most beautiful restaurant in the world' by the New York Daily News, and it is not difficult to see why such claims have been made. With seating for up to 14 guests, the stunningly beautiful 180º views of the Indian ocean and its technicoloured inhabitants, plus dinner (do you even care about the food part at this point?) will set you back some £190 per person. That’s a pricey meal, but not one you’ll find on offer with your taste card, this is a one of a kind experience!

Submarine hotel – St Lucia

We all live in a … well, flat or house probably. But submarines are cool too right?

All of the above underwater activities have so far involved static or leg powered underwater experiences, but what about having the ability to travel underwater, both while you gaze out among the creatures of the deep and while you sleep.

Just imagine, your own submarine for the night, complete with a captain, chef, a butler and of course views out into the ocean at depths of up to 650ft below the waters surface. How does that sound?

It sounds amazing of course … and expensive.. and it is. Per night £175,000 type of expensive, but we can all dream of such experiences can’t we?

Underwater jetski / jetpack/ seascooter

I have no idea if that title/description is anywhere close to being correct, the name for these underwater type jet packs is really quite unclear, but what is clear is how much fun they look.

Without intention, this has all become a little bit luxury (expensive) orientated, but thankfully I’ve also found an underwater experience which is a little more within budget.

Looking like something Q would give Bond in order to aid his infiltration of a submerged entrance to an evil villain’s lair, these personal propeller powered vehicles gently and smoothly pull their drivers/riders (? – again, not sure on the correct terminology here) through the water. They look like a a great ride and also allow you not to worry about your swimming technique, therefore enabling you to take in more of what’s going on around you, and stay under the water that little bit longer. They won’t quite turn you into Aquaman, but they’re still awesome.

So the above are all awesome, as is the ocean. We all love the ocean, so let’s try our best to be mindful of the impact we have on the water and its inhabitants when enjoying ourselves. Hopefully as technology progresses and improves less pollution will reach and affect the sea, but until then lets all do a bit of research into activities and companies that minimize their impact on nature and try their best to actually have a positive impact.

… just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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