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The Festival Survival Kit - What We Used

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The Festival Survival Kit - What We Used


We sent some of our favourite festival goers our Festival Survival Kit to help their festival season be the best it can be, whatever the weather. The kit included some proper must-haves from torches and body wallets to ‘you never know’ items such as glow sticks and duct tape.

Each person received:

So here is how a few of them got on, what they decided they couldn’t live without and what they will be leaving at home at next time.

Louise at The What Now Blog

Louise is passionate about life and achieving a good work/life balance which includes regular festivals and this year the ‘muddy joy’ of Glastonbury.


Here are a few of her favourites from The Festival Survival Kit and why she found them useful:

Head Torch

She put this as her number one item from the kit, not only as it enables you to go hands free for negotiating mud and dancing, but also as she could attach it to the roof of her tent at night to act as a great ceiling light.

Body Wallet

With security a priority and a regular at using body wallets when backpacking or at festivals, she complimented the wallet on its compartments and ‘less itchy’ fabric than other wallets she had used before.

Pocket First Aid Kit

Louise normally makes her own first aid kit but she especially liked the handy loop on the back which meant she could attach it to the outside of her backpack.


Other items she loved were the glow sticks with up to 15 hours of light which they got out for Coldplay and had in the tent at night for a bit of light.

The digital hard Ccase also came in useful, again for the clip on the back which meant she could carry her camera on her belt rather than bouncing around her neck.

Full story and images: The What Now Blog

Haydy and Mike at Squibb Vicious

Essex based Haydy spends her spare time going to loads of gigs, so it’s natural she would be a big festival goer. She shares her full backpack list on how she survives glorious Glastonbury and what her must-haves are.

She left her packing until the night before, but with a little help from our Festival Survival Kit, she looked pretty prepared to us!


Again the head torch is the number one item and she’s never taken a First Aid Kit, so she’s pretty chuffed with that. She also takes the towel, body wallet, digital hard case, travel pillow and compliments the size of duct tape as it’s a mini one, so it doesn’t take up too much space in her backpack.

Other things she takes are bin bags (very good idea), rain ponchos and Travel Johns for her boyfriend. Plus, lots of Pringles and cereal bars as they don’t require a fridge.

Thanks for the tips Haydy!

Full story and images: Squibb Vicious

Sam at Yoko Meshi

Big traveller Sam lives in London and loves to travel the world and experience the adventure of life, including zip-lining in a jungle in Thailand and looking after baboons in South Africa.

Sam is off to V Festival this year, and being a bit of pro when it comes to travelling, shares her tips and tricks for making the most of your festival.


A good (ish) night's sleep.

Her number one is the travel pillow and we can see why. If you don’t sleep well, then it’s really going to affect your whole experience, so good call Sam. As well as a travel pillow from her Survival Kit, she also suggests a ground mat too and don’t forget the ear plugs! She didn’t use the glow sticks for dancing, she used them in her tent to give a bit of light during the night, but not enough to wake her up.

She also suggests some hangover cures with milk thistle and plenty of water, plus Olbas Oil to make the smell of the toilets more bearable.

Dry Shampoo and a travel towel is a must, as is a portable phone charger.


Full story and images: Yoko Meshi

A big thank you to all our bloggers and we hope our Festival Survival Kit helped you out.

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