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Discovering Adventure: Top 10 travelling jobs

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Discovering Adventure: Top 10 travelling jobs

One way to extend a trip away is to work your way around the world! There are heaps of fantastic jobs you can do on the move from crewing a yacht to being an extra in a film. Life experiences like these looks great on your CV or university application. Remember to get working visas sorted before you leave. Here’s our round-up of the top 10!

1. Waiter / Bartender - There seems to be an unwritten UK - Australia exchange programme where we tend each other’s bars! It’s a sociable job with great tip earning potential, but be ready for long nights. Train as a cocktail waiter before you go to land the most glamorous jobs.

2. Yacht crew - There are jobs on board for all skill levels from mechanic to skipper to dogsbody! It’s a tough gig but you’ll be welcome on board someone else’s exclusive adventure! Check out for positions.

3. Be an extra in films - Sign up to local agencies with your best portrait photo, and wait for the call. Being an extra is a fun way to earn some cash and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame (or 15 seconds if you’re lucky!). You might even get a free haircut or makeover when you’re there!

4. Hostel work - Anyone who’s happy to get their hands dirty and help with the grottier jobs around the hostel might swap their time for a few nights’ free accommodation. You could set up a more formal arrangement and end up staying for as long as you choose. You’ll probably be able to go on all the tours and activities for free too. See

5. Tour guide - If you’ve got a flair for drama and a brain for trivia, becoming a tour guide is the perfect way to stay somewhere you’ve fallen in love with, for longer. It might open up opportunities at affiliated companies in different cities too. Giving lectures is a great life skill and there’s no better way to learn the ropes.

6. Au pair - Living with a family can give you an unbeatable insight into a country and its culture. You’ll need to be very patient! Experience with children and the ability to cook and drive would be a big bonus and could bump up your fee. Remember your International Driving Permit.

7. Car transporter - You can be paid to transport a car from one end of a country to another! Not a bad way to see the sights and travel long distances. You’ll need a clean licence of course and not be averse to lengthy days behind the wheel. Bring your best playlist or a language CD to learn!

8. Teaching English - Having English as your first language is a bonus and will get you work, but being qualified as a TESOL or TEFL teacher before you go will get you the most lucrative and stable jobs. Teaching English in further education or to businesspeople on a freelance contract basis will get you the most reward for your time.

9. Fruit picker - Totally seasonal work dependent on where you are, of course. But there’s plenty of work out there for willing hands. Long hard days but usually in the sunshine and with plenty of banter.

10. Busking - If you’re a talented musician, you probably won’t leave home without your instrument anyway (unless it’s a piano!) Busking is a fun way to express yourself and earn money at the same time. Just check the local by-laws before you pitch up. You never know – you might get talent spotted!

And finally, the trickiest one… travel writing! It’s sad but true that even the most talented writers will struggle to earn their keep by selling their writing while they travel. A good alternative is setting up a travel blog with affiliate marketing links to keep some money coming in.

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