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Discovering Adventure: Safe travels!

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Discovering Adventure: Safe travels!

There’s a big world out there, and it’s full of exciting adventures. Taking a few extra safety precautions can make a good trip, great. It will also help reassure the loved ones you are leaving behind. Here are our top tips. Safe travels!

1. Check the terror status of the country you are visiting. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has an excellent A-Z of destinations listing current threats.

2. Let your family and friends know your itinerary. Update them regularly. Leave a trail in your hotel room. A note saying where you’re going next could help in a rescue attempt.

3. Hide your money and documents in a discreet RFID body wallet to stop digital scammers. The Lifeventure Multi Pocket Body Wallet has built in RFID blocking technology to prevent thieves scanning your cards and passport. Use a decoy wallet on the move. Stash extra US dollars in the sole of your shoe or sewn into underwear for emergencies. Email passport and visa numbers, bank and insurance details to yourself in case just in case.

4. While in transit, keep on moving. Don’t check your phone at the station. Learn your route before you arrive and don’t unfold your huge map or guidebook in public. Demonstrating even fake confidence in your new surroundings, with shoulders set back, head up and smiling will make would-be muggers think you aren’t vulnerable.

5. If you’re going on a long bus journey and the bags are being thrown up on to the roof rack, don’t worry about making a fuss – climb up and lock your bag on to the rack yourself. Lifeventure’s TSA locks are easy to use and strong. If you’re in a hostel, lock the zips together and lock the bag to a heavy piece of furniture! Reset the code if you notice anyone watching.

6. In a private room, use a Lifeventure Travel Door Lock so you can rest easy at night. It can be fitted to nearly all internal doors and is durable, small and lightweight. We’ve slept in plenty of hostel dorms and it’s tempting to sleep with cameras, money and documents stuffed in your sleeping bag. But where possible, leave any valuables in the hostel safe. Female travellers should avoid mixed dorms. You might save a few dollars but it’s not worth the risk.

7. If you’re a lone female traveller, consider wearing an inexpensive wedding band. Don’t let on you are alone. If someone asks where you’re from, say, “ We’re from xx” to suggest you’re with a friend. Tag on to tourist groups, and don’t overshare with conversational cab drivers. Avoid arriving in new places at night.

8. Make a note of the number of the nearest British Embassy or Consulate. They aren’t there to hold your hand but they will help you to help yourself in an emergency.

9. When you’re at a sightseeing spot, try not to get engrossed in the surroundings. Keep an eye and ear out at all times. Chaos is the key to theft. If someone falls in your way or waves a newspaper in your face, put one hand over your valuables and use the other to firmly but politely push your way past.

10. Learning key phrases and having a pack of cards to play with locals will earn you friends and protectors along the way. Show respect and interest in their culture. Gen up on football even if you’re not a fan. It’s a great universal language. Before you know it you’ll be invited to a private wedding ceremony or festival and it will be the highlight of your trip.

11. Of course, don’t flash your wealth. If you’re travelling on a very restricted budget, you’ll still be many times better off than most people you meet. Wear clothes that respect local culture. It’s pretty embarrassing to see Westerners in strappy tops or tiny shorts in traditional countries.

12. If in doubt, think ‘What would my mum say?” If she’d say it was too risky, trust your instincts. They’ll take you a long way.

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