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Discovering Adventure: Festival Essentials

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Discovering Adventure: Festival Essentials

Festival season is well and truly here so we thought we’d put together a kit list – our festival essentials. You no doubt have wellies, a tent and a great hat all sorted, but to enjoy it with a little more style and in a little more comfort, here’s our choice of extras to consider.

1. Super absorbent, quick drying towel. These SoftFibre travel towels come in cool new designs and dry eight times faster than a normal towel. You can even stuff them in their special mesh bag to dry out without getting smelly. They absorb nine times their own weight in water – great for when the heavens open!

SoftFibre Flower Print Travel Towel

2. Dry body wash and dry shampoo are your friends at a festival. You’re unlikely to manage to get a shower in so these should not be left at home! You can use the body wash as an antibac hand gel too. It’s pH-balanced so won’t dry out your skin.

3. A wind up phone charger – for all those essential tweets and Instagrams. You can’t let your followers down when you’re having that much fun.

4. This hanging washbag is perfect in your tent – it’s spacious and even has its own mirror so you can check exactly how awesome / ropey you look before venturing out into daylight again!

Hanging Wash Bag

5. Ear plugs – not a bad shout when you’re desperate for a few hours sleep in a sea of rowdy tents.

6. Suncream – because you never know, the sun might shine, even at a British festival!

7. Dry bags for storing all your things in the tent might just save you a headache when the inevitable downpours strike. You can also organise your belongings per colour of bag for easy access. You don’t want to be frantically searching for loo roll (another absolute essential!)

DriStore Roll Top Dry Bags - 5, 10, 15L Multipack

8. A headtorch is really handy for finding said tent in the middle of the night – this one is tiny so can be easily carried around in the day. Could be fun at the dance stage too!

9. Don’t go anywhere without a roll of duct tape. It’s unbelievable how many times it can get you out of a spot of bother – fixing holes in your wellies, taping belongings to the inside of your hat, or even for making an impromptu football by wrapping a balloon in it!

10. Our top tip is to take a silk antibacterial sleeping bag liner. They don’t get pongy, ensure you have a clean night’s sleep and are ideal for when it’s too hot to climb in your sleeping bag. They’re antibacterial, anti bed bug and anti mosquito – so you should sleep untroubled.

11. A sliding cable lock will hopefully deter any wannabe festival wreckers from stealing your things while you party. It’s sad but true that there are opportunistic thieves prowling around at festivals so you may as well look after your things with this lock which can be attached to pretty much anything.

12. Last but not least a full water flask is an absolute must-have. There’s nothing worse than waking in the morning with a parched mouth and facing a long trek to the nearest tap!

Enjoy your festival experience and send us a photo of your Lifeventure gear in action!

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