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Choosing a Travel Wallet

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Choosing a Travel Wallet

Whether you're travelling abroad for a year or just leaving for a short weekend break, one thing you will want to take with you is a wallet. With such a large amount to choose from it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you, so we have come up with some of the most important things to think about when you are deciding.

RFiD Currency Wallet

RFiD Currency Wallets - £16.99

5 stars - “When my old wallet finally wore out I looked for ages for a replacement. I tried several that weren't as good (coin pocket too small, size too small, coin pocket odd design, etc.) until I tried the Lifeventure RFiD Currency Wallet. It does everything I need. Fits several cards along with other bits and pieces I like to carry; bank notes fit in easily and the coin section is nice and large (and expands) so it doesn't get overfull when I'm given lots of change. Excellent!” - HR - 28/10/2015

Where are you going?

This is one of the most important things to ask yourself and also leads to some of the other important questions you should think about. If you are staying within the country then there are less security concerns for you to think about and it's likely you won't need as much space to hold documents. A simple wallet that will hold your cash and cards should be adequate for something like this and will also be compact.

However, if you plan to head abroad then there are other things to think about. If you are flying, a larger document wallet can be really useful to hold all of your tickets together with your passport.

RFiD Travel Document Wallet

RFiD Travel Document Wallet - £8.99

If you plan on spending a lot of time sight-seeing and exploring new cities, a body wallet can be a great idea.

There are different types of body wallets, including waist packs or bum bags that clip around your waist and can be hidden under your clothing. This will protect your belongings from any potential pickpockets.

Similarly, a neck pouch can be kept under your shirt adding an extra layer of protection. For those not so keen on body wallets, a belt pack can be great for day excursions. The loop hooks over your belt, meaning it’s securely fastened to you, but also easily accessible.

What activities will you be doing?

Lying by the beach or pool is a favourite of many travellers and your wallet certainly won't be seeing too much action there.

But if you also have plans for climbing volcanoes, cycling downhill tracks or any other action-adventure activities, then you want to make sure that your money stays with you. In situations like this, body wallets are great as they are attached directly to your body. Otherwise, a wallet with a zip around fastening can add protection by ensuring your coins don't fall out.

What is RFiD?

Unfortunately, it's not just pickpockets that you have to be wary of now. RFiD has brought a new means of theft for criminals. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is the technology used in contactless credit cards. It is possible for your personal details to be captured through these signals and your card cloned.

It's not all bad news though as you can stop this with the right wallet. RFiD protection can now be found in some wallets, with fabric that has been designed to block these signals and ensure your details stay secure.

Hopefully with these tips you can pick the right wallet for your needs and one which will keep your money and documents safest.

RFiD Pocket Wallet

RFiD Pocket Wallet - £14.99

All prices correct on date of publish.

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