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Discovering Adventure: Best City Views in the World

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Discovering Adventure: Best City Views in the World

Let’s face it, the majority of us love a good view and will pay a certain amount of money to be lofted up to such heights where those views become spectacular.If we didn’t, observations decks wouldn’t be a thing, but they are (yay!), and so below I shall pay homage to the observation deck by picking out a few of my favourites, and some I REALLY want to stare out from one day soon.

Here’s to amazing views, they are … amazing!

Sky Garden - London

Now the Shard would be the obvious choice here. But for one there is a big price difference what with the Sky Garden being totally free, plus the Shard is a landmark I personally feel is better being in your view, rather than the point from which you view. You’ll notice this is quite a common theme among the views I’ve picked below.

Height of observation deck: 525ft

Cost: FREE :) (but you still need to book a ticket)

Top of the Rock - NYC

As above, the Empire State Building would be the obvious choice. But it’s also one of those buildings you really want in shot – I’m assuming you’re taking photos too. That’s why the Top of the Rock is my shout for views over NYC, it offers you views of the Empire State Building and also affords brilliant views over central park.

Height of observation deck: 850ft

Cost: $26 - $30 / £21.50 - £25.00

Top of the Rock NYC

Photo source: - 19942094@N00

Montparnasse Tower - Paris

Last time I promise. So the Eiffel Tower NEEDS to be in your shot/view. Yes it’s an amazing climb in itself, but the 360 views from the Montparnasse Tower are the one to incorporate the Eiffel Tower and really capture Paris at its best. The lift up to the observation deck is also a hell of a ride. It’s said to be Europe’s fastest, from the ground to 56 th floor in 38 seconds. Whoosh!

On a clear day the views from this deck span for up to 25 miles in any given direction. Of course that means it’s not just the Eiffel Tower you can take in, but also the Louvre museum, the Arc de Triomphe and all of those famous rooftops.

Height of observation deck: 689ft

Cost per adult: from €15 / £12

Montparnasse Tower Paris

Photo Source: - docsearls

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

A potentially pricey one this, but to be fair the ‘At the Top’ observation deck (which strangely enough isn’t actually at the top of this monster sized building) is worth every penny.

As with the Montparnasse Tower above, the lift up to this observation deck is all part of the experience. As you ascend upwards towards level 125, it almost feels like you’re flying as projections of global landmarks pass before your eyes and demonstrate just how high into the sky you are travelling.

Height of observation deck: 1821ft

Cost per adult: depending upon the time and which floors you wish to visit from 125AED - 500AED / £28 - £112

Stratosphere - Las Vegas

I love this place! It may not be one of the most extravagant Vegas hotels in terms of glamour or shows, but the Stratosphere is still very much a part of Vegas owing to its amazing observation deck, complete with a number of theme park type rides .Are you brave/crazy/stupid enough to give them a try?

Of course they’re side attractions though, the real attraction is the view over Vegas after dark, when it’s all lit up and looking like an Xmas tree with a red bull addiction. Out there in the desert, Vegas is a beautiful kinda crazy.

Height of observation deck: 869ft

Cost: $20 / £16.50

Stratosphere Las Vegas

Photo source: - frankhg

Petronas Towers - Kuala Lumpur

They’re most certainly on my wish list, as they should be yours if you haven’t already had the pleasure. ‘Identical towers, identical wonders’ is the marketing tag line and it’s difficult to argue really. Even more of a wonder is how the twins were built in just six years! … They each weigh 300,000 tonnes, that’s a whole lot of building work.

Your journey to the peak of Kuala Lumpur will also include a stop at the skybridge, the bridge which links the towers. It is the world’s highest two storey bridge.

Height of observation deck: 1214ft

Cost: 85MYR / £16.50

Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

Photo source: - 39551170@N02

World Financial Center - Shanghai

Shang-High! What’s not to love about standing on the 100 th floor of the second tallest skyscraper in mainland China and being able to see all the way back down? A walk along The Sky Walk is like walking on air and if you can keep your eyes open and your knees from buckling, it’s an amazing place from which to take in Shanghai.

There are three decks in total (F94, F97 and F100), but in my opinion the 100 th floor is the goal.

Height of highest observation deck: 1555ft

Cost: from 180RMB / £22, depending upon how high you want to go.

World Financial Center Shanghai

Photo source: - kennethmoore

*Prices are best guide as of October 2016. Please check official ticketing websites for accurate pricing.

Author: Neil Barnes travels the world on a budget whilst holding down a 9-5, read more about him on Backpacks and Bunkbeds

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