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Autumn Travel on a Budget

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Autumn Travel on a Budget

Autumn is a wonderful time to travel. It’s quieter. It’s a lot cooler than those balmy summer months. Plus, the autumnal colours you get are just beautiful. It’s also a great time of year to travel on a budget. So we’ve compiled this list on how to undertake autumn travel on a budget.

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Book Accommodation Before You Go

As much as autumn is still a popular time of year for travellers, it is a lot quieter than the summer months. You may not need to book as far in advance, but securing your accommodation before you travel is a good idea. Hotels and hostels may be using the autumn months to close for refurbishing before the Christmas rush starts. Plus, there are still a lot of cultural events and festivals taking place during these autumn months, meaning accommodation, especially budget options, will be harder to get at these times.

Know Your Seasons

Autumn for most countries means knitted jumpers, burnt orange and red leaves and weekends spent in cosy tea rooms. But just because it is autumn at home, doesn’t mean that everywhere round the world is following suit. The autumn months may mean rainy seasons in some destinations or high humidity in others. Just be sure you know what kind of season you’ll be travelling in to!

Attend a Festival

Summer need not steal all the festival limelight. Autumn has some pretty great festivals too! We’re talking Oktoberfest and Lollapalooza in Germany. Outlook music festival in Croatia. As well as the Regata Storica in Venice and Festes de la Merce in Barcelona. And if you’re looking for some festivals a little closer to home, there are tonnes too. Head to the capital for the London Design Festival. Or make your way to the Scottish Highlands for the Braemar Gathering. Ireland plays host to the Galway International Oyster Festival and Wales even gets in on the act with the Good Life Experience. Be sure to check ahead of time what festivals are free and what festivals you will have to pay for. This will allow you to plan your budget accordingly.

Pack the Right Gear

Autumn weather is a little trickier to pack for than let’s say summer. It’s still slightly warm, but you also have the risk of colder days, as well as rain too. Just make sure when you are packing you keep all these weather types in mind. Be sure to pack some lighter clothes for those warmer days, as well as sun cream. But also, be sure to pack a warm jumper, as well as a rain jacket and umbrella, for when the weather turns for the worse. Being prepared will ensure you don’t have to buy any new clothes whilst away and therefore saving your budget for more important things.

Avoid Half Term

Obviously, autumn is a quieter and cheaper time to travel. Making it perfect for those wanting to travel on a budget. But just be aware of when half-term falls in your destination. Everywhere will get a lot busier during that time period. Plus accommodation and transportation will shoot straight back up to summer prices.

By Sage Fitzpatrick Sage - Fitzpatrick is a travel blogger currently living in London. She can be found drinking tea, reading and traveling the world. When she’s not travelling, she spends her time blogging about her travels over at A Virtual Postcard.

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