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5 Unexpected Uses For Your Lifeventure SoftFibre Towel

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5 Unexpected Uses For Your Lifeventure SoftFibre Towel

Lightweight, packable, absorbent; our SoftFibre Recycled Towels are an essential piece of kit for all types of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re backpacking or bivvying, canoeing or camping; their high-performance fabric and lightweight design means our towels can be used for so much more than just drying yourself.

Read on for five of our favourite unexpected ways to use yours…

1. The Beach Mat

When backpacking or travelling, every item in your bag has to prove its worth and no-one wants to lug heavy beach-mats with them everywhere. With giant dimensions that are comfortable to lie on, the range of vibrant patterns means the towels will also look totally at home on the sand. Quick-drying and compact to store at the end of the day, the fabric’s smooth finish means you won’t end up taking half the beach home with you either!

2. The Blanket

Weather is unpredictable and if you are suddenly plunged into colder than expected temperatures, Lifeventure’s SoftFibre Recycled Towels can be worn as a shawl or draped over your sleeping bag for a little extra warmth. If you’re camping, the towel can even be folded up and used as an improvised pillow too.

3. The Tent-dryer

We’ve all been there. Ready to pack down your camping set-up and faced with a soaking wet tent. The SoftFibre Towel’s ultra-absorbent fabric is perfect for soaking up any excess water from the flysheet’s surface before you pack it down.

4. The Curtain

If you are bedding down in a hostel for the night, privacy might be a bit lacking. With oversized, bath-sheet sized dimensions, the SoftFibre Recycled Towels are perfect for creating a makeshift curtain for getting changed or blocking out unwanted light on sunny mornings.

5. The Kit-cleaner

Don’t let a dirty lens get in the way of that perfect shot, our SoftFibre fabric has an ultra-smooth surface that is ideal for cleaning your camera’s lens without fears of it becoming scratched or damaged. Your towel can also be used to gently de-mist sunglasses, ski goggles or to wipe debris from any kind of camera kit.

A true multi-tasker that’s worthy of a place in anyone’s kit bag, explore our full range of SoftFibre Recycled Towels now.

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