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Travel Bottles

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Product code(s): 64210

Product Description

This handy set of travel bottles and pots are ideal for air travel, as they all meet airport customs requirements.

Product Features

  • Durable TPU outer case with zip closure
  • Meets airport customs requirements
  • 2 x 75ml & 1 x 50ml PET flip-top bottles
  • 1 x 50ml PET spray bottle & 2 x PET pots

Technical Info

Weight: 94g
Dimensions: 210 x 130 x 45mm


Clear travel bottles in a see through plastic case

Product Reviews for Travel Bottles


Great capacity, I had enough shampoo, conditioner bodywash etc to last me a week with half a bottle of each left over. The bottles are pretty solid though so although they won't break easily it can be hard to get a thicker product like conditioner out without taking the top completely off.