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Spare Mug Lids

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Product Description

Replacement metal screw-top lid which includes an expansion chamber with pressure release valve. Also available in flip-top.


Spare mug lids

Product Reviews for Spare Mug Lids

Lynn Knott

Quick delivery, my daughter dropped her lid and broke a small piece of the plastic off. New lid, good as new and colour match is perfect.

Chris Bullock

Complete replacement lid (metal and plastic parts). Really happy to have a working mug again without having to buy the whole thing. Good value.


Nice to be able to get spares. The original disappeared after washing up (recycled?). The fit is perfect even after having bought the original three years ago. Still does not leak! I like the expansion chamber as it allows me to take a spare t bag along...... I like to be able to take the lid of properly to drink, it saves getting flip, lid forehead!


Brilliant to be able to get spare parts. Bought complete new lid for £3 and Free P&P - excellent value!

Marina harries

Excellent service, great to be able to buy spare lid

Lynne Parnell

Quick delivery, fits my cup perfectly, lost the lid due to a 2 year old tiding up. Would use again.

Stephen Hill

Great service the top arrived within the time stated it is a complete top including the expansion tank.

Claire Stephens

Great product and speedy service.

Mick Jarrett excellent

Excellent service to compliment an excellent product, I recently bought a new lid for my 10 year old thermal mug that has been in constant use since I bought it. Great bit of kit!

Mike Potts

I ordered this to replace the lid from my original mug (16-17 years old?). They've changed the thread so it doesn't fit the original mugs so have had to return. Otherwise, I'm sure it does the job perfectly well; the mugs are great. And this is the entire lid, by the way, not just the expansion chamber lid. That's what I got in the post.

Martin Thorp

Great to be able to buy spare parts. However be aware that this is just the metal expansion chamber lid (not the main plastic part that the seals the container).