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Gasket and Valve for Thermal Mugs

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A replacement plastic ring and pressure valve.


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Product Reviews for Gasket and Valve for Thermal Mugs


First class customer service. Exceptional value including postage. Good product with excellent back up.


My husband lost the gasket off his cup, I was pleased to find that I could buy spare ones instead of having to buy a new cup. We were pleased with the service we received and it only took a couple of Working days to come.


Normally used the cup for tea and coffee however used it for soup one day. No matter how may times I washed or soaked the gasket it always smelled of minestrone soup. So I have bought a new one excellent value and arrived quickly. Thermal cup back to new.


I lost the gasket from my mug not long after purchase, delighted to find that spares can be bought. Excellent quick delivery. One happy bunny again.

Mark Geeson

Pros: excellent service, arrived next day, good price which saved me buying a new flask, usual high life venture/lifemarque quality
Cons: ordered 3 new gaskets, but they only fit one of my 3 flasks. Not interchangeable and there doesn't appear to be a replacement part for my 2 older favourite flasks which I will now have to throw away (-1 star)


Excellent product, quick service, I lost my previous gasket, this flask is brilliant. can be used as a mug with a lid and/or to keep drinks hot, I use it to take a hot drink to work to start the day, compact simple design without the plasticy taste.


Excellent service. Great to be able to replace a new gasket and valve without having to buy a new mug.


Fantastic product. Saved my thermal mug!

Rachael Watson

Absolutely fantastic service, my Hubby will only use these mugs (which he has 3) as he can not find another to beat it's quality. He needed to purchase a new gasket as he lost one and the service was tremendous. Many thanks.


My flask started leaking after 3-4 years but this new seal fixed the problem and saved me buying a new flask! Very happy. Good service too.


I was really pleased that I was able to buy a replacement seal & didn't have to replace the whole mug. A good price and quickly delivered. Well done Lifeventure.


Quick delivery and pleased that you can purchase spares so easily without having to pay any delivery charges.

peter m. ansell

mugs and insulated cover best I have used, and really pleased to obtain spare seal & plug.. makes buying this kit a better investment.. postal delivery real quick...

Claire Stephens

Great that you can buy the spare parts. I lost the seal on my mug and was pleased to see that I didn't have to buy a new mug. The replacement seal fits a treat and my mug is perfect. Thank you!


I left my thermal mug in one of my work boots and while I was away on holiday, a mouse ate the lid seal. I saw replacements available on the life venture website, so I ordered one. Delivery was very fast meaning I was only without my mug for a day and a half. Fantastic.


Bought one "Brilliant" lost the rubber washer, bought another and ordered the spare part and I now have two. Useful for anywhere, small enough to stuff in a pocket and keeps hot for ages. Recommended....Yes!


Does the job - cheers.


The Gasket and Valve turned up super quick in the post. It fitted the Thermal Mug brilliant and was a great replacement for the previous one, that with time wears.


Excellent service / product this item will ensure continued use from a really useful item.


It's great not to have to buy a whole new mug when the seal on the lid goes so thank you for that. The new seal does work but it's really hard to screw the lid on now which is a bit annoying.

Judith Sansom

I've had a LifeVenture mug for a year now and wouldn't be without it - I think I use it every day, at work, for a midnight cuppa, when I shop or travel - must have saved £££ on coffeeshop coffee, not to mention all the time saved by not queuing. It's never leaked till one day and I immediately realised I'd stupidly lost the valve. I was pleased to find I could replace it for such a reasonable cost.


Great product ordered after original with cup kept falling off and not secure seal. Replacement great.


Great idea to offer replacements.

Steve Austin

Fantastic and prompt service. I will definitely be buying more stuff. GREAT SERVICE.


Bought this as a spare because the gasket that came with the mug does not secure tightly enough to the lid to prevent it coming off too easily, so there is a risk of losing it at some point. Delivered promptly, so no complaints.


After loosing my gasket somehow i was gutted and was left thinking i could no longer use my flask. I was amazed to find that your able to buy spares from the website. A wonderful idea! Im so happy i am able to use my flask again (its the small things

Keren Maloney

Delighted to have easily found the replacement valve, having lost the original somehow or other, I was even more delighted by the price and faultless free postage and packing. Cannot praise product, service and value highly enough and will recommend Lifeventure.. Rare to find in this chuck away society. Thank you.


Called customer services before ordering a replacement gasket and was directed to the website.Staff were very helpful and delivery was on point.Splendid customer service overall.


Great to be able to get a replacement gasket and valve for this product so easily and quickly. Service to match the quality of the thermal mug.


Fab. Great Corporat Responsilbity shown by allowing us to buy a replacement value. Thankyou from me and future generatios

El Rollo

Excellent Service - we lost the small valve from the lid of the thermal mug following a too aggressive washing up session. Looked on website and was delighted to see the valve (and a new gasket) was available as a spare in a kit. Ordered the kit, it arrive very quickly, new valve fitted and back in service. Not many products are this serviceable. Would highly recommend the thermal mug and Lifeventure as a company to deal with.