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RFiD Wallet

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Product code(s): 68730, 68736

Product Description

This classic RFiD wallet is smart and spacious, made with water resistant fabric. It features 2 full-sized note pockets, 2 zipped coin pockets, 4 stash pockets and 6 card pockets. This great all-rounder shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFiD) readers by stopping the information being transmitted through the nickel and copper coated polyester fabric, reducing the risk of identity theft.

The wallet also features one external zip pocket which is not RFiD protected for easy contactless payments or travel cards when you need them.

Product Features

  • RFiD protected
  • External zipped pocket (not RFiD protected)
  • Water resistant fabric
  • 6 card pockets, 1 with ID window
  • 4 stash pockets
  • 2 full-size note pockets
  • 2 zipped coin pockets
  • Secure closure

Technical Info

Weight: 70g
Dimensions: 110 x 90 x 20mm



NewRFiD Protected
Grey RFiD wallet

Product Reviews for RFiD Wallet


Great wallet with RFID took on holiday. Fitted all my cards and notes in, great sections inside. Coin pocket a bit small. Very comfortable in your pocket.


Generally a good wallet but coin pocket smaller than previous version.


Saw this item in a shop whilst in Scotland and pondered over buying it, when home I went online and bought it direct, great item using it this week on bike trip to Germany good size fits all card and euros needed

Ruth Collins

Very pleased with product but slightly smaller than my original wallet so does not leave quite enough room for loose cash otherwise perfect.

christine newsam

Bought as a present. Delivery was excellent and the product very good.

Leslie Plummer

This has to be the best made wallet I have seen lots of storage plus RFID protection if it lasts as long as my last wallet I will be well pleased if not this wallet is the one I would buy again

Mike Harvey

Looks to be a very good piece of kit. Well made with plenty of space for cards and money. I like the fact that it has many different slots and that the larger note partition is subdivided; great to keep things well organised. Having two zipped pockets (both of which expand) is also a nice feature for extra security of change and small items. I bought this to replace a wallet that I've had for about 16 years which had the zip on the coin pocket break; I hope that this lasts as long!


Fine practical item with lots of storage space - I like it.

Nathan August

Lots of storage. Well made. Love the security of the RFID protection. I worry about the elasticated Velcro fastening and how durable that may turn out to be. If you don't shut the Velcro fastener properly then it has a tendency to snag on clothing when being put in your pocket. Pleased with the product overall.

Robin Brown

A wallet is a very personal thing, so what floats my boat might not float your boat.
One important feature for me has to be the overall fit, that's the fit in my pocket. The Tri Fold RFiD Wallet fits my pocket perfectly. There are more than enough spaces for the various cards I carry & two zipped compartments ideal for loose change. The quality of the materials used & construction of the wallet is in my opinion is first class. Then of course there's the added security, I had never even thought about that aspect of the contactless cards so that's got to be a worthwhile feature. Would I buy another? I don't expect I'll need to buy another one any time soon but if this one does wear out; I would be happy to buy another one.


Great quality. Great service. Highly recommended.


Excellent product. Love their stuff. Replaced a 10yr old Lifeventure wallet.


Very well built wallet overall, durable, sturdy and compact. Although there are some loose thread ends here and there, the overall experience is not compromised in any way by it, you can easily cut them off by yourself. Already bought another one as a gift. Definitely recommended!

Kevin McConway

I have had another rather similar Lifeventure wallet but with no RFID protection for a very long time, well over 10 years. I used it as my everyday wallet because it was extremely strong and hardwearing and could hold all my large number of cards. But after all these years of continuous use it was looking rather scruffy and had a small tear inside. I was very pleased to find this new one - in many ways similar to the old one, but the design seems even better. It holds one or two fewer cards, but they probably fitted in the old one only because it had stretched a bit over the years. I once had a problem with card clash in that a contactless payment went on the wrong card, not a big problem but I'm glad of the RFID protection. I just hope the new one lasts as long as the old one did - it seems very tough so far!

Peter J.

Brilliant piece of kit - I'm confident that it will outlast several leather wallets. I have stopped worrying about unauthorised access to my payment cards and have just ordered a second wallet for my wife.


i was surprised by how much i can fit in. good quality and good price. coin pockets quite small but that's not always a bad thing.


I bought this to take on holiday I wanted something small enough to be able to keep in a pocket but also big enough to carry cards, currency and coins. This wallet ticks all the boxes. It is good quality and well designed. The RFID protection is a bonus too.


Must say i have had similar Wallets in the past but this exceeded all expectations. Strong, but light, loads of storage but thin. I have already bought 2 more for other people.


I bought the wallet specifically for the RFiD and was also pleasantly surprised just how well made and practical it is. 10/10.


Wallet exceeded my expectations. Very well made and has great storage space for cards etc without increasing overall size.

Iain Callaghan

I wanted to get an REID wallet and most of them just didn't look right. I normally want to see and hold the wallet but I couldn't get to any shops so took the risk of buying one online. This wallet if perfect for me. Plenty of room for my notes and receipts with 2 compartments. Lots of space for Yorkshire cards and more space behind the card storage slots. A place for I'D cards and 2 pockets for coins (one on the outside so you don't even have to open the wallet. The wallet itself is very well made and doesn't fill up you pocket, a slim design that fits loads inside it without being bulky. Yes I am very happy with my wallet and would buy other products from this company.


Bought 6 weeks ago for everyday use, to replace a 10 year old smaller Lifeventure wallet no longer made, which didn’t take coins. It’s obviously bulkier but so far is suiting me very well. Seems well made.


A well constructed excellent wallet, ideal for travel.


Great wallet - I used it while travelling in South America. I appreciated having areas for multiple currency and it was a nice compact size.


Good wallet - only had it a few weeks, but so far it does the job. Had a different make prior to this and the cards could fall out - will see if this one suffers from the same issue in time - fingers crossed it doesn't.

John Tracey

This wallet is the best I've had, large compartments for notes and coins and comfortable to carry in trouser pocket, I was so pleased with it I bought my two sons one each, highly recommended.


I'd been looking for a replacement holiday purse/wallet for a while and this is the best I have found. This one is neat and not bulky: it has two note and two coin compartments which are useful when travelling to keep different currencies separate and one of the coin compartments expands which is great for quite a bit of loose change, as many are too small. It holds as many cards as i want to carry on holiday and a neat window for a pass or similar. I like the choice of colours. I haven't used it much yet, but it appears to be well made and robust. I bought the Rfid version as might as well have the protection as not not have it. Buying direct from Lifeventure is easy and no P&P! Great product.


Delighted with the wallet, it's strong and compact. Holds all the cards that need protecting and fits nicely into my zipped trousers which gives me added security while shopping. Love the pink colour.


Very well made and practical wallet, the RFiD feature is a nice touch.


I love the quality of materials and design. This is a first class product and I appreciate the added security of the RFiD. I had one similar for years so I know they are long lasting and delighted I could get a replacement. I don't understand why all wallets don't have RFiD these days.


Great wallet - have high hopes it'll last the 15years the last one did!


Bought to give as a present, well received.


When my old wallet finally wore out I looked for ages for a replacement. I tried several that weren't as good (coin pocket too small, size too small, coin pocket odd design, etc.) until I tried the Lifeventure RFiD Currency Wallet. It does everything I need. Fits several cards along with other bits and pieces I like to carry; bank notes fit in easily and the coin section is nice and large (and expands) so it doesn't get overfull when I'm given lots of change. Excellent!!