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  • Flexi Splint
  • Flexi Splint
  • Flexi Splint
  • Flexi Splint

Flexi Splint

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The Lifesystems Flexi Splint is designed to immobilise broken bones and sprain injuries. It is lightweight, compact and portable making it easy to pack. Instructions are printed on the splint and it is an ideal addition to a Lifesystems First Aid Kit.


  • Immobilises broken bones and sprain injuries
  • Lightweight, compact, wash proof and reusable
  • Flexi metal core offers great splinting strength with a soft foam outer for added comfort
  • Can be easily secured in place with a bandage or tape
  • Latex FREE, easy to clean and waterproof
  • IXPE foam (irradiation cross-linked polyetheylene) with aluminium board
Product code: 42520

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