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  • Cotton Crepe Bandage - variant[5cm x 4.5m]

Cotton Crepe Bandage

Regular price £2.99
Size 5cm x 4.5m


Introducing our reusable Crepe Bandage, a versatile 100% cotton solution for light support in cases of minor sprains, strains, and compression needs. Rolled up with two elasticated claw grips, this bandage offers a hassle-free application without the need for sticky tape or pins. Simply secure by placing one side of the claws on the bandage, stretch, and press the other side for a secure and comfortable fit. A must-have in your kit, this bandage serves various purposes, from holding ice packs to acting as a compressive bandage on any limb and securing dressing pads in place over wounds.


  • Pack of 3
  • Exceptional stretch
  • Latex free
  • Elastic fastening claws included
  • Reusable
Product code: 20354

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