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Thermal Mug

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Product Description

Feel at home on the hill with a hot cup of tea. You can chuck one of our legendary and colourful thermal mugs in your rucksack and it won’t leak or break. A thermally induced vacuum ensures that drinks hold their temperature and can be enjoyed hours later.

Putting your mug in the dishwasher may impact product lifespan, please hand wash.

Special edition mugs now available with the DofE Charity logo engraved, the perfect memoire for your adventure or an outdoor loving friend.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, a registered charity No. 1072490, will receive a royalty payment for every item sold.

Product Features

  • Vacuum insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for 4 hours
  • Made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel
  • Double-wall construction with screw-on lid
  • Conforms to British Standards
  • 300ml capacity

Technical Info

Weight: 262g
Dimensions: 120 x 66 x 66mm
Capacity: 300ml



Duke of Edinburgh Recommended Kit
Thermal Mug
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Product Reviews for Thermal Mug


Great product, very good if not excellent thermal efficiency for a mug. So much better than coffee cups from those coffee chains. Use mine on train to work and car trips. I love well designed and functional products... this is one


This mug is amazing! Use it everyday and it has never leaked or let me down! A real investment


These are brilliant. Mostly it only has to keep my coffee warm for a short while until I get stuck in traffic and can drink it. Sometimes it is called upon to keep drinks warmer for longer (trailing around after kids) and this it does quite superbly - coffee is still warm for hours. I once made the mistake of allowing it to be used for food (children!) and the ring never quiet lost the taste. Thankfully, you can get cheap spare rings so we now have two so no more coffee tasting of noodles.


I have had one of these mugs for years and it served me well, much of that time in the army, so it was well tested. Since I found that new seals can be bought it has now extended the life of my original mug but I have recently bought another for my wife and I. They work well, particularly if pre-heated. I also bought a thermal jacket for each mug and they extend the time that your brew stays warm.


Really pleased with this purchase, great colours, I bought the purple one and keeps drinks hot for an unbelievably long time. So easy to take and go. Have bought A couple of other colours as gifts for friends.


Its so good. Considering its price, it completely blew my expectations out of the water. It keeps my coffee warm for hours.

Richard N

I can't think how much money my two Thermal Mug have saved me! I know many people who spend £5 a day on take away coffees - that adds up to a small fortune over a year, not to mention all those disposable cups filling up landfill sites. And on camping trips and walking expeditions these beauties come into their own. Finally, when the rubber seal on my first Thermal Mug started to go (after years of service) I got a replacement for £1.50. This really impressed me - not many companies offer such an impressively green and useful service - and it certainly cemented my loyalty to the Lifeventure brand. Well done guys!


Excellent product, perfect for traveling.

John Purcell

Brilliant mugs, keep hot drinks warm for a long time. We have 4 and take them to cross country events always nice to have a hot drink when you are cold! Great that they come in so many different colours as we managed to get different mugs in colours everyone was happy with!

Anastasios Monachos

Me and my wife had bought a pair of thermal mugs two years back for our winter trip to Iceland. They kept my coffee and wife's tea hot for 5+ hours. The mugs are now part of lives, using them at the office, home and whenever doing an outside activity. We simply loving them. One month back I ordered 3 more thermal mugs; two were gifted and 1 as a backup for me :) It is a great product, worths every single penny! Highly recommended.


Excellent service. Excellent mugs keep tea warm for hours


Excellent bit of kit.

Lesley Broadfoot

I bought 4 of these thermal mugs for myself, husband and friends. We have all used them when out walking and they kept our drinks very hot and our pockets dry. Very pleased.

Albert Head

I have been in the military now for nearly 36 years, having served in the armies of both Britain and Canada and this is one of the best pieces of kit I have ever owned. I have two: One for the car and one I take in my rucksack. I spend a LOT of time in the bush/field and am never without one of these. I make a big brew in the bush and fill my Lifeventure thermal mug and drink the rest, knowing I have a brew at the ready that will still be piping hot hours later. They work especially well when primed with hot water. Another good trick if you have an open fire in your camp is to simply put them close to the fire and let them absorb the heat. Once good and hot, chuck your brew in there and seal it up! I use one every morning in the car. The first 5-20 minutes of my commute in the morning consists of a severely winding road (around a lake) and requires constant gear shifting; hence drinking my morning cuppa is not an option. My Lifeventure mug keeps my tea piping hot, so when I finally get on the highway, I can finally enjoy my tea. I have managed to get the lid off with one hand now. I think I shall buy more and horde them, just in case :-)


Bought this as a gift but I have owned two of these myself for over 3 years. Good for soup as well as drinks, they have never leaked and are easy to clean. In warm weather they keep contents very hot for at least 4 or 5 hours. In really cold weather the contents do cool down a bit quicker so I wrap some bubble wrap around it before putting it in my backpack - it provides a bit of extra insulation and this works fine. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because I sometimes find I have to wrap an elastic band round the lid in order to get a good enough grip on it to unscrew it. This is because the lid isn't very deep. The matt finish provides a better grip than the smooth finish. Would be nice if you could get lids with a bit of rubber on to help with this. Great product overall.

the cozmeister

this mug is sick at keeping my coffee warm bruhhh


Great product and love the choice of colours!

Alison Locjton

I bought 2 of these thermal mugs after spilling drinks with other makes when out and about. These have lovely feel and keep the drink nice and hot without spills. Perfect! Have recommended to several people already!


I love my thermal mug and may even ask for another one for xmas. It does seal tight but why does the lid pop off several times before it seals?! Annoying if I'm trying to leave in a hurry. I've tried all sorts of tactics but it never seals shut first time!

Liz Archer

Bought as a present. Really pleased with it as keeps drink hot for a long time.

Gladys Davis

I bought one for myself and ended up buying 3 more for Christmas presents because it was so good!


I've had one of these made by another manufacturer for many years but it eventually 'died' and I struggled to find another so I was delighted to find this one which is even better than my old flask - I was so delighted that I bought two of them just to make sure I'll have a good walking flask for years to come. thank you


Bought these as Christmas presents because of the DofE mark. Simple design of mug means am sure many hot chocolates will be drunk during the expedition So! Many thanks! Great protective packaging and prompt delivery room!

Lisa Clifford

I love my thermal mug! Great when out walking; great when at work and can't get away from the desk. Now buying them as presents for the outdoorsy members of my family. In addition, customer service has been the best I've known - most speedy response to a query/return I've ever experienced. Thank you!

Jannie M

Love my matte black Thermal mug. Perfect sized... is it possible to buy an extra flip-top lid for driving, though? On other occasions, the standard lid is wonderful, especially the secret place for tea bag.

John Francis

Exceeded my expectations! The mug is beautifully made, looks great and works very well


made a coffee at 08:15 still warm at 16:30. it cleans very well and is smooth to hold. I have now brought some for my DofE helpers who also love the mugs.


Brilliant purchase, so good that the teaching team I work with have all bought one. We can make a hot drink to take with us to lectures and it keeps it lovely and warm with NO LEAKS


Absolutely brilliant, tea stays hot from 8am until 1.30 when I drank it after lunch. It does not leak at all, I had it rolling around my passenger seat for a good deal of that time. the only downside is that it could be bigger to hold more tea!

Marian & Mac

We brought two of your lovely thermal mugs in September 2011 while on a Campervan Holiday in Scotland. Best purchase we have made and yes they still keep tea with milk warm for three to four hours and black coffee for the best part of six hours.


Awesome bit of kit. Have been using my glorious purple one for around a year, and although it now has dents, scrapes, scratches and bangs it never fails to keep my liquids hot and my bag dry. Couldn't ask for more.


Better than expected, just right for taking hot drinks out without spillage.


Great mug ideal for tea got two use every day make it at 7am still luke warm at 5pm if forget to drink it before then haha.. buy it worth it..


keeps drink hot for several hours, doesn't leak and rim stays cool so no burned lips! lovely range of colours and great size for popping in my bag. easy to clean. lightweight.


I bought a matt flask in June 2015, and only used it occasionally for travel. For the last two months, I have used it on a daily basis, many times during the day. However, the coating of the base is scraping off, possibly due to wear and tear of frequent use, but is now starting to flake off from the lid too. Has anybody else experienced this? The item has not been submerged in water, but is washed regularly under a running tap and washing up liquid. Will all the coating eventually come off?

Philip Barley

Great product. I had a small issue with mine when it arrived but the support team resolved it without any problem. It feels very robust and good quality too. I think I should have bought the one with the drinking spout because you do get a few drips when you take off the lid to drink from the it, but that would be the case with any drinks bottle/flask of this type. To be fair, it's a very reasonable price product anyway so I will probably buy the other type too.

Mike Potts

Excellent little mug for taking a nice coffee up onto the hill.

Martin Thorp

I have used these to take a hot drink on my commute to work every morning for the last 5 years. They are very good. I now own loads of them. They just work, and the size is perfect. You can even buy spare parts to refurbish them. Brilliant product.


My niece bought me one I now have three, great product.


Brilliant product, keeps my coffee hot for hours and super sturdy when you bash it around in your bag. No wasteful paper plastic cups. Amazing aftercare and customer service too. Had mine for years and bought them for loads of people as presents!


Best flask. Its rare to find a flask that u can put in your bag and not have leaks. Closing it is a bit difficult but once u find the right way u get used to it. Keeps my coffee scorching hot for 4 hours or more! Only problem is if u wanna drink it before that u might burn your mouth. Other than that its the most handy coffee carrier. Love it!

Paul Beeston

Was given 1 as a Xmas present from Arkala from my cub pack its great, will serve me well when we go to camp or night walking.


Top bit of kit. Great for taking coffee etc to work in the car or when out walking.

Noam R

Great thermal mug, very nicely done, perfect size both in terms of liquid content and mug's outer volume/diameter which means it's not too big to hold and is relatively compact. Mug doesn't leak in any position. Have been using it non stop since bought and it keeps tea/coffee hot for hours on the go. The only draw back is the fact that the lid doesn't have a sip flap, possibly due to the requirement to keep the mug hermetically sealed. Very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

Harry Raven

Fantastic little flask. Tried some of the cheaper ones from other sites initially and experienced a pressure problem with all of them which would break the seal. These ones have a pressure valve in the lid which stops this. I never leave the house without a hot drink!


Three teenage boys, three different colours, withstand school bags, and usual messing around. Like the lid design, keeps drinks hot enough for school day.

Mrs Kenward

I purchased a purple mug for my Granddaughter for Christmas. Don't know the result as yet but her sister has one and is very pleased, came very well packaged and not long to wait, I would recommend this product.

Dan Douglas

Use it every day for driving to work, part of the routine now so couldn't do without it. Keeps drink easily hot enough for a few hours. Good quality and a secure lid.

Bob M

Bought matt black to replace an Aladdin all plastic drinks mug, as it states keeps boiling water very hot to the touch after 4+hrs (without optional thermal jacket). Fits easily into daysack side pocket with room to spare, plus spare lids and seal/s are readily available at reasonable cost. Great piece of kit, highly recommended. I've since ordered a 2nd in matt black, along with a thermal jacket to keep within daysack. Using other as daily drinks mug.

Steve W

Did I get a bad one? Mine doesn't seem to be insulated at all, failing to keep drinks hot or cold. The final straw was a walk this week; I stood the mug in the fridge to temper it, then put in the milk I'd need for my tea en route. It was a warm day; when I stopped for tea the milk was well on its way to becoming cheese.

Response from Lifeventure:

Hi Steve, sorry to hear this has been your experience with the Thermal Mug. This definitely sounds like you've gotten a faulty product. Please give Customer Services a call on 0118 981 1433 and we will see what we can do for you.

Cynthia Murray

I've enjoyed using this mug for the past three years. Its compact size and shape make it easy to pack and carry, and it really keeps liquid hot. But now I've lost the rubber sealing ring. Is there any way to buy or order a replacement ring?

Response from Lifeventure:

Hi Cynthia, you can order replacements on our Spares page.

Gail Keatings

I had a pink one that I loved. Took it on numerous long walks, loved the ease of it and was so upset when it went tumbling over a cliff. Will be replacing it as soon as I can.


I've used these mugs for years and think they are fantastic. They keep hot drinks warm for longer than 4 hours and I've used them with crushed ice for picnics and they have been wonderful. Great colours, great price, great product that excels everytime!

hugh marsden

Bought one last year & love it. Bought a red one for wifey & hers has stainless inside whereas mine has grey textured inside. Has the design changed as it feels a bit metalic drinking from new one.

Response from Lifeventure:

The reason the mug has changed is because we’ve moved from the sandblasted finish (grey) to the electrolysed finish (stainless steel) in 2014. Neither is more effective than the other, both are foodsafe, but we found the sandblasted one reacted with the tannin in tea bags which made the tea darker than normal – this was not a health risk. All products are fully tested and passed before entering the market.

Rob S

These thermal mugs are great. With regular use they last about a year - then the lid thread wears down too much to stay on properly. I'm on my third now, as there's no better one on the market.


Love my matt aqua thermal mug. Looks pretty and is the only cup/mug I have that keeps drinks actually hot on journeys and not just lukewarm. Popular for good reason! Would like a sip/flip top lid for driving though.

Mark Alexander

Nice design and keeps my tea hot but it leaks thought the top compartment.

Response from Lifeventure:

Hi Mark, this shouldn't be the case. Please double check that when screwing on the lid the thread is properly aligned and sealed tight on both the lid and the decompressor. If you're still experiencing problems please get in touch with our customer service team or return the mug to where you purchased it, explaining your issue.


Amazing piece of kit. Keeps my drinks hot while working, climbing or just being remote from a kettle for prolonged time. The top compartment can fit 3 tea bags with no problem. Compact size, nice ergonomic shape which feels good in hand. Definitely a recommended product.

Jan Marshall

Superb for traveling and keeping liquid hot, and easy to clean as well.