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  • Code Red Emergency Tourniquet
  • Code Red Emergency Tourniquet

Code Red Emergency Tourniquet

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The [CODE] RED™ Emergency Tourniquet is an emergency haemorrhage control device designed to stop excessive bleeding when applied to a catastrophic limb injury.

The nylon webbed strapping is tested to withstand 1000kg and is stitched using high-strength Kevlar thread, ensuring the tourniquet is dependable and robust. The windlass retaining arms and cam buckle are made from lightweight aluminium to aid portability. The buckle is rated to tolerate stresses up to 500kg, so strength is not compromised. The windlass is also lightweight, made from glass-fibre reinforced plastic, and strong enough to withstand the high levels of force needed to occlude blood flow.

Thorough testing has proven the [CODE] RED™ Emergency Tourniquet to be a strong and reliable device for rapidly stemming the blood flow of an injured limb and capable of withstanding the rigorous demands placed upon it.


  • Pack of 1
  • Strong Kevlar thread, tested to withstand 1000kg of tension
  • Aluminum buckle and windlass retaining arms
  • Round, high-visibility tab for easy strap insertion
Product code: 20369

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