Packable Bags

Our packable bags are a range of lightweight, multi-functional packs that fold away into their own pockets when not in use. They’ll fit neatly into a backpack without taking up too much space. Packables are perfect for when you need that little bit of extra storage space or simply want a convenient daypack for your travels.

  • Grey and black packable rucksack with orange detailing
    Packable Rucksack
    4 reviews

  • Black packable duffle bag with grey straps
    Packable Duffle Bag
    5 reviews

  • Packable backpack
    Packable Backpack - 16L

  • Packable backpack 25L
    Packable Backpack - 25L
    2 reviews

  • Packable duffle bag - 70L
    Packable Duffle Bag - 70L