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Mug Jacket

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Product Description

Improve the heat retention of your mug by up to 25 per cent with this snug jacket made from tough Cordura and Hypalon materials. The top zip opening means you don’t have to take it off to use the mug.

Travel Tip: Attach it to your belt with the handy loop.

Product Features

  • Protects and insulates your mug
  • Improves performance by up to 25%
  • Tough Cordura and Hypalon fabrics
  • Top zip opening
  • Belt loop attachment

Technical Info

Weight: 68g
Dimensions: 185 x 85 x 85 mm


Mug jacket

Product Reviews for Mug Jacket


Arrived quickly. Great piece of kit and does the job. Even in cold conditions keeps the contents of the flask warmer for a longer period. On a day out walking coffee was still warm after 6 hours.


I recently bought one of these for each Life venture cup I have. The principal is very simple, extra layers, more warmth for longer. The same way a wooly hat works with my folically challenged head! I have used them often and they make a big difference (hats and mug jackets)


Love this jacket for my mug. I attach it to the outside of my rucksack with the Velcro strap and it keeps it hot for ages, ideal for this cold weather


Great idea, the mug itself keeps contents hot for about 4hrs this handy little thing extends that also protects the mug from scratches and dents.

Peter L

I love this product and use it on a daily basis in conjunction with the thermal mug. It keeps my coffee hot for over 6 hours while packed in my work bag.

Bob M

Recently received, and have not had a chance to check its stated additional thermal properties. Thermal mug is a very nice snug fit so will not just fall out, reasonably bulky when in palm of hand, so think more suitable to carry within side pocket of daysack (35ltr no problem). Can also be attached to daysack, kit by way of its external ear vertical buttoned/velcro strip/s and nylon loop (Karabiner). Must have TM accessory, for colder adventures.