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The perennial traveler’s problem is trying to work out what’s the best way to organise your essential items when on a well planned trip? Don’t worry here at Lifeventure we are well experienced when it comes to safe and secure packing for adventurous trips. We have a large range of accessories which combine smart design with RFiD protection to secure and organise your documentation. You can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected. Our range of accessories will help you enjoy your trip. From travel adaptors to duct tape we’ve got the accessories you’ll need when travelling. We even stock travel clothes lines and travel mirrors so that you can still ensure you look your best no matter where you are in the world.

  • Grey duct tape
    Duct Tape

  • Black zipped hard glasses case
    Hard Sunglasses Case - Bullet
    £9.99 Save £4.99
    3 reviews

  • Black digital hard case
    Digital Hard Cases
    £9.99 Save £4.99
    2 reviews

  • Black zipped hard sunglasses case
    Hard Sunglasses Case - Eclipse
    £9.99 Save £4.99
    2 reviews

  • Travel clothes line
    Travel Clothes Line
    2 reviews

  • Belt pack
    Belt Pack
    4 reviews

  • Three linked karabiner clips
    From £6.99

  • Travel mirror with cord and case
    Travel Mirror
    2 reviews

  • Mobile phone case with RFiD protection
    RFiD Phone Case
    From £7.99
    £11.99 Save £4.00
    11 reviews

  • Belt pack with RFiD protection
    RFiD Belt Pack
    From £8.99
    7 reviews

  • Grey RFiD card wallet
    RFiD Card Wallet
    1 review

  • Grey RFiD passport wallet
    RFiD Passport Wallet

  • Passport holder with RFiD protection
    RFiD Ticket Wallet
    £19.99 Save £9.99
    1 review

  • Grey mesh water bottle holder holding a bottle
    Water Bottle Holder
    4 reviews

  • Mug jacket
    Mug Jacket
    4 reviews

  • Grey travel document wallet with RFiD protection
    RFiD Travel Document Wallet
    From £11.99
    £21.99 Save £10.00
    6 reviews

  • Grey RFiD phone wallet
    RFiD Phone Wallet

  • Grey screwgate carabiners
    Screwgate Carabiners

  • A closed black compact umbrella
    Trek Umbrella - Small
    1 review

  • Grey RFiD bi-fold wallet
    RFiD Bi-Fold Wallet

  • Black digital luggage scales
    Digital Luggage Scales
    2 reviews

  • Grey RFiD wallet
    RFiD Wallet
    18 reviews

  • Black travel adapter with USB
    Travel Adapter with USB
    £24.99 Save £7.00

  • Grey RFiD travel neck pouch
    RFiD Travel Neck Pouch

  • Wind resistant umbrellas
    Trek Umbrella - Medium
    From £18.99
    10 reviews

  • Grey RFiD small travel wallet
    RFiD Travel Wallet - Mini

  • Black tech case with blue detailing
    Tech Case

  • World travel adapter
    World Travel Adapter

  • Grey RFiD travel wallet
    RFiD Travel Wallet

  • Grey RFiD travel belt pouch
    RFiD Travel Belt Pouch

  • USB travel adapter
    USB World Travel Adapter