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Luggage Locks

Lifeventure produces a range of luggage locks including TSA locks which use the Travel Sentry Approved system to keep your luggage secure. These TSA locks are useful when travelling as they allow security authorities to inspect your luggage without damaging the lock. Our range also includes padlocks, combination locks and cable locks which can be used to secure your luggage to solid fixtures when out and about.

  • Small padlocks
    Small Padlocks
    €6.99 Save £2.00

  • Silver combi lock
    Combi Lock

  • Black TSA padlocks
    TSA Padlocks
    1 review

  • Black TSA zipper lock with cord
    TSA Zipper Lock
    2 reviews

  • Black, blue, green and pink TSA combination locks
    TSA Combination Lock
    From €9.99
    1 review

  • Clear mini cable lock with 3 digit combination
    Mini Cable Lock

  • Cable lock with four digit combination
    Cable Lock
    2 reviews

  • Adjustable cable lock
    Adjustable Cable Lock
    4 reviews