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James MacKeddie

Endurance Athlete

James MackeddieJames is an endurance event enthusiast and has joined the Lifesystems adventurer team as of November 2015. Whilst James claims he is no elite athlete, (he works a full-time office job, like us) he understands and shares our view of the great outdoors; it's for exploring, enjoying, and discovering. 

He has taken part in a huge number of outdoor events such as the 5-day Hell of a Hill Marathon, Ennerdale Ultra marathon, Howgills Trail Marathon, Grindleford Gallop, Snowdonia Road Marathon, Clif Bar 10 Peaks Long course, Born Survivor Marathon and more. James enjoys nothing more than taking his GoPro camera out and about with him on these events!

James plans to take part in a multitude of endurance events throughout the year including:

- The Spine Challenger

- Trailscape Trail Marathon Wendover

- London Marathon 2016

- Lakeland 50 mile Ultra

And more, including cycle races. 

James says "My goal over the coming year is to complete events, learn about myself, have some spontaneous adventures and above all, share it.

Life is richer if you can share lessons learned from experiences and I am lucky to have the team at Lifesystems supporting me."

To find out more about James, visit his website at

James Mackeddie

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